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Business Transformation Podcast


For and by Digital Business Transformation professionals. Get actionable insights to help transform your business.

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Digital Transformation Unveiled: A Holistic Perspective from Academia... - Greekita Jain [023]

The 3 keys to successful technology-driven business transformation... - Sam Webster [024]

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AI’s invasion in business transformation and HR... - Sandeep Jha.. [027]

RPA, is it hype or not ? Listen to what experts have to say... - Tien Nguyen [028]

Is the Organization Design Industry doing right or wrong ? - From the perspective of Industry experts

The importance of value realization in the business industry - From the experts in the field.

M&A and a post-emerging acquisition migration or integration - What industry experts have to say

Who do you want to see next on The Business Transformation Podcast? Suggest a guest here!

Who do you want to see next on The Business Transformation Podcast? Suggest a guest here!

Former Big 4: People-led approach key to successful business transformation [014]

The Transformation Podcast Next Guest XXX

Who do you want to see next on The Business Transformation Podcast? Suggest a guest here!

Welcome to The Business Transformation podcast!

This show is for Business Transformators – part-strategist, part-designer, part-collaborator and part-negotiator, who has moved beyond just business design, and includes oversight of implementation, stakeholder management, coordination and negotiation!

If you’ve a Business Owner, Business Leader or Business Consultant, and worked on strategy development or strategy implementation and you also ensured that your design is aligned with the Business AND Technology Architecture  — then you’re probably a Business Transformator!

Learn from Heath Gascoigne, author of the best selling book The Business Transformation Playbook®, creator of HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) Business Transformation Framework and founder of HOBA TECH.

In each episode, Heath shares his business transformation secrets and “a-ha moments” with complete transparency. Heath will be talking to industry experts and professionals to also share their stories, strategies and insights to help you start, turnaround or grow your business transformation.

Check out our latest episodes


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about the HOST

Heath Gascoigne Business Transformator


Heath is a Business Transformation Architect with 15+ years experience in Business Transformation Architecture and programme management. He specialises in helping businesses design and implement challenging Target Operating Model’s (TOM) as part of their digital and business transformation.

Heath has worked for some of the largest financial services companies in the world, as well as working along side top consultancies on various programmes ranging from £5M to £500m. 

Heath holds his MBA (Exec.), LEAN Six Sigma (Black Belt) and certifications in TOGAF and Project Management (PRINCE2 & Certified Scrum Master). He is also an adviser and mentor to young professionals and new startups.

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