Our six Models

Our approach is the complete approach. It doesn't end at Design like other approaches, where Consultants lug it over the fence to the Business and ‘hope’ they work it out (that's called ‘Hope Transformation’). Our approach gets you from the start, to Implementation using our six models.

Business Transformation...
is a Team Effort

Our process is based on team work. When the team-works, the Transformation works! 

Business Motivation model

Business Motivation Model (BMM) – The very first thing you do, is agree what the end looks like for the project and your transformation. This gets everyone across the organisation clear on what Vision looks like!

HOBA Our Six Models Business Motivation Model

Governance Model

Governance Model (GOV) – is where you agree the ‘Team’ – their roles and responsibilities, and most importantly the governance framework so Teams work, decisions and risks are managed & made in a timely manner so your transformation stays on track!

Current Operating Model

Current Operating Model (COM) – you analyse the current state of the business without boiling the ocean. Everyone wants to skip this step and get to the ‘fun stuff’. Don’t! We show you what you need to assess (and only what you need to assess), saving you time and money! 

HOBA Our Six Models Current Operating Model

Benefits Model

Benefits Model (BEN) – you need to get the team together, to agree the Business Benefits you plan to realise from the transformation. This step is completely missing in other approaches. We show you how to do it, and pull the team together, pulling in the same direction.

Target Operating Model

Target Operating Model (TOM) – Now as a team, you design the Target Operating Model (TOM) that addresses the problems and opportunities in your COM, that implements the changes you agreed, that enable the Organisation to realise the planned benefits and achieve your Vision.

HOBA Our Six Models Target Operating Model

Road Map Model

Road Map Model (RMM) – Here you develop the road map and plans to deliver the design, and the 2nd missing part in other approaches – the roadmap to implementation of the physical changes and tracking the realisation of the business benefits on the way to achieving the Vision!

aligned with industry best practices



HOBA® is aligned with TOGAF® and both share a similar approach to Business Architecture, a process to develop it and how requirements are structured.

3 Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

HOBA® is aligned with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). SAFe® - both promoting Agile iterative and incremental product development and project management and at the Enterprise level.

5 Benefits Management

Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)

HOBA® is tightly aligned with the Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) framework, with Benefits Reference Model right in the middle of it, using benefits to guide investment, changes and decisions.

2 Zachman Framework

Zachman Framework

Although Zachman is a method of classifying architecture documentation and is not a framework, HOBA® covers all the areas so the complete view of Business Architecture is addressed.

4 Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum

HOBA® is aligned with Scrum and follows the same 3-pillars collaborative, structured and iterative approach to developing the design and implementation of the Business Architecture and Business Transformation.

6 Process Management

Business Process Classification Framework (PCF)

HOBA® is aligned with the leading industry standard in Process management, structuring and decomposing processes by best practice to help the transformation run smooth without a hitch.

How is HOBA® Different

Our approach is the worlds first and only business-led approach that addresses the biggest problems with Business and Digital Transformation today. Technology has taken over the conversation talking in jargon and acronyms that only they can understand. We give the Business back their voice!

Designed By the Business

Designed BY

The only framework that addresses the four (4) main reasons of transformation failure – lack of Business stakeholder engagement; changing requirements; incomplete requirements and poor planning.

Design for the Business

Designed FOR

HOBA® is the world’s first Business-led Business Transformation framework, designed by the Business, not Academics sitting at a desk or Office Managers who are not Business Architects, that ones that are actually in the trenches doing the work.

Controlled By the Business

Controlled BY

Because HOBA® is designed BY and FOR the Business in a language the Business can understand, HOBA® provides the Business the ability to take back control of its Transformation from Technology and back into their own hands!

Aligns the Business

Aligns the Business with the Strategy

HOBA® provides the framework and design process to develop not just the design of the Organisations Target Operating Model (TOM), but manage the implementation of the physical Business Architecture so it is aligned with the design of the TOM.

Provides Visibility

Provides Visibility & Transparency

HOBA® provides visibility and transparency of the process (and activities) to design and to implement the TOM, but most importantly also manage the changes throughout the design process from concept to implementation ensures all parts of the Transformation are aligned at all times.

Aligns to Industry Standards

Aligned to Industry Standards

HOBA® is aligned with industry standards and best practices in Enterprise Architecture, Programme and Project Management, Business Process, and Benefits Realisation Management, this ensures efficient and effective work at minimum waste, saving you time and money!

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