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About hoba tech

We are based in London, but our approach and outlook is very much international. We have worked predominantly but not exclusively with banking, financial services, insurance, technology, startups and government agencies seeking to implement their business strategy and target operating model as part of their business and digital transformation.

Our Vision

“Be the standard for Business Transformation in the world, providing teams and organisations the tools to implement their target operating models and transform their business, reducing waste and change debt and realising more benefits on a global scale.”

Our Mission

“Help Teams and Organisations achieve 100% success rate and benefits realisation with their Business Transformation.”

Our Goal

“Our goal is to see Business Transformators around the world, delivering business transformations and better results and restore the respect and reputation to the profession and guaranteed clients for life.”

Our Story

Born out of Frustration

Born out of frustration at the high level of failure of Business and Digital Transformation projects and programmes Heath was bought into rescue; Technology Architects and Technology Architecture hiding away in the ivory tower developing enterprise solutions (that is both Technology AND Business?!) for the Business without engaging or consultation with the Business; a so called industry body and 500-page manual written by 300+ Technology Architects and Office Managers masquerading as Business Architects; Business Process or Enterprise Application software management tools peddled as Business Architecture and Business Transformation software applications (but are not Business Architecture or Business Transformation software applications at all), and still a 70% failure rate of transformation projects, enough was enough!

After 15 years of consulting directly to end clients, including 2-years on the ‘other’ side working via a consultancy agency, and after 9-months on an assignment, Heaths contract was unexpectedly terminated, given just 2-days notice. On the last day, sitting in a programme board meeting that someone clearly forget he was still on the meeting invite to attend, his ‘opposing’ Lead presented to the board the “new programme approach” – a complete rip off, word-for-word of the work Heath had done some 9-mths earlier, presented to and signed off by the very same board. Despite being approved and although this ‘opposing’ Lead thought it was great, Heath was told “it wouldn’t work”, to which he questioned “why?”. The response was “you can’t use the text book here”, to which he said “you will have to show me this text book, I am not aware of such text book? This is 15-years experience, 4.5-years MBA, plus your guys contributed to it, this is a group effort, I am merely presenting”.

Now, someone was clearly not expecting Heath to be in this meeting, to witness himself what unfolded. A true professional, Heath had no intention of leaving early and adamant to work to the end, making sure everything he had worked on was properly handed over. It was after all, a £250M budget programme, it was no small task.

Meet the Team behind HOBA TECH

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