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Business Transformation Podcast Suggest A Guest

Suggest a Guest for our Podcast

Is there a guest you would like to see interviewed on The Business Transformation Podcast?

The goal of the podcast is to help our target audience (Business Transformation Consultants, Business Designers, Business Architects including Team Leads, Directors & VPs, Agency Owners, Founders & CEOs) by sharing inspiring stories, lessons learned from turning around and successfully executing their business transformation they can apply in their own business.

We focus on medium to large size enterprise organisations across all sectors from government, banking, finance, medicine and pharmaceutical to oil and gas.

Here is the criteria that we use to select guests for the show:

  1. Business Transformation Consultants, Business Designers, Business Architects: must be a practitioner of the industry. They are either actively involved in a leadership or decision making capacity.
  2. Industry Sector: we are industry agnostic (after all, transformation is industry agnostic), however the transformations must be affecting the whole organisation not one part of it.
  3. Transformation type:  there is a lot of confusion around ‘is it business transformation or digital transformation’. Digital Transformations are Business Transformations, but they can not be Technology-only transformations (those are not transformations at all, they are system-implementations)
  4. Transformation Size: they transformation affects the whole organisation or a significant part of it (not a silo or single vertical within it).

Exceptions to the above criteria include:

  1. Academics: we would love to hear from Academics with their latest thinking and case studies on new approaches to Business Transformation.
  2. Subject Matter Experts: if you are a subject matter expert who can teach Business Owners, Business Leaders and Business Consultants other aspects of Business Transformation e.g. stakeholder management, communication, facilitation etc. You must have working experience in Transformations however. 

For Podcast Booking Agencies / Services

We done our research and know that if you are pitching us, chances are you’re also pitching the same guest to a lot of other podcasts as well. This usually results in the same interview being published by lots of podcasts at the same time – which isn’t good for anyone. 

If you decide to pitch us, and you dont hear back from us within a week, please assume that we’re not interested. There is no need to follow up.

If you’d like to suggest someone who meets the above criteria, then please complete the form below:

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