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HOBA® is trusted by the worlds biggest (and smallest) companies.

In a world where adaptability is synonymous with survival, your clients demand seamless and rapid innovation – from swift policy updates to real-time data analytics that steer their strategic decisions. They won’t pause for your organisation to catch up. The moment for transformation is now, and it demands a method that is as agile as it is reliable.

HOBA is your blueprint for navigating the complexities of business transformation. It’s not just a system; it’s a strategic partner in reinventing your organizational agility.

What is HOBA (House of Business Architecture)?
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HOBA® Benefits

In an ever-changing business environment, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve. Our proven innovative framework simplifies complex processes, fosters adaptability, and drives strategic alignment.

HOBA® Principles

HOBA®’s 12 guiding principles empower organizations to take their operations to the next level. These principles help companies make the most of their resources and work more efficiently, while boosting productivity and profitability at the same time.

HOBA® & Agile

HOBA’s agile approach means embracing a methodology that fosters adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement, enabling organisations to swiftly respond to market changes, and stay ahead of the competition.

Why HOBA®?

HOBA is the trusted choice of both the world’s largest and smallest brands, with thousands of practitioners and hundreds of companies worldwide relying on it to successfully deliver their transformations, including the UK Government.

HOBA® Success Stories

HOBA® has a proven track record of success in managing transformations for businesses of all sizes. With hundreds of companies and thousands of practitioners from around the world trusting HOBA®, the results speak for themselves.  The success stories of these transformations are a testament to the expertise and capability of HOBA® and its practitioners.

Whether you are a big brand or a small business, learn more how HOBA® can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

"HOBA® has revolutionszed our team's productivity and streamlined our daily tasks, increasing efficiency and output quality. With HOBA®, we accomplish more in less time and can focus on the most important aspects of our jobs. The ROI and team satisfaction with HOBA® are exceptional – we highly recommend it to anyone seeking to increase productivity"
Mike Baker
Mike Baker
Senior Manager of Operations
HOBA Enterprise

Enterprise Transformation

Built for transformation. From the top to the bottom.

HOBA® redefines agile transformation by giving business strategists control from conception to implementation. It prioritizes strategic business objectives and operational needs instead of technology, helping companies navigate transformation with a business-first mindset. This shift to a business-led framework is a significant step towards true business agility.

HOBA®'s usual enterprise results

1 %
Increased waste reduction
1 %
Increased Time Saved
1 %
Higher Staff Satisfaction
1 %
Better Customer Experience
"As BP evolves from an International Oil Company (IOC) to an Integrated Energy Company (IEC), the transformation of our project management approach across diverse business lines and verticals is paramount. We require a unified, coherent process that aligns with our vision for the future. HOBA® emerged as the methodology and framework that we trust to bring this vision to life. HOBA® provided us with the structure and agility needed to orchestrate this complex change, ensuring that our transformation is as strategic and integrated as the energy solutions we aim to deliver."

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Why HOBA®?

Our framework streamlines business processes, promotes adaptability, and drives strategic alignment.

HOBA® and Agile

HOBA® is a revolutionary agile framework designed to transform your business and drive organizational efficiency and agility.

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