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Transforming Court Order Enforcement: A HOBA® Success Story

Overview: Understanding the Challenge

Dive into the intricate journey of our recent business transformation project in the technology sector, where our client, a prominent organisation responsible for processing and administrating court orders, embarked on a monumental endeavour to revolutionise the enforcement of court orders and historical criminal debt collection.

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Current State

Our technology client faced a daunting challenge within a wider £500M modernization program – streamlining court order enforcement and historical criminal debt collection. With a £50M budget, the program encountered delays, hindering its progress and prompting the need for strategic intervention.

Scenario: Addressing the Problem

Engaged to develop the Business Architecture for the future service model:

Transformation Principles

We utilized the HOBA® framework to drive transformation principles and objectives through comprehensive business and technical design products.

Strategy Alignment

With structured methodologies and explicit instructions, we navigated through complexities to capture tactical and strategic business goals effectively.

Challenges: How We Helped

Leveraging the HOBA® framework, we collaborated closely with business stakeholders, leading the development and delivery of enterprise-wide Business Architecture. Through its transparent approach, HOBA® guided us from concept to implementation, ensuring alignment across the organisation, from the C-suite to implementation levels.

Collaborating Closely with Business Stakeholders

This close collaboration facilitated a deeper understanding of the organization's needs, goals, and challenges. We crafted a comprehensive business architecture that addressed the complex requirements and objectives of the project. Additionally, involving stakeholders from various levels ensured buy-in and ownership of the transformation initiative, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and commitment to success.

Guiding from Concept to Implementation with Transparency:

Utilising the HOBA® framework, we followed a structured approach that guided us seamlessly from conceptualisation to implementation. The framework provided a clear roadmap and methodology for developing and delivering enterprise-wide business architecture. Through transparent communication and documentation, we ensured that all stakeholders were informed and aligned with the project's objectives, milestones, and progress.


HOBA®’s agile approach and alignment with Scrum facilitated swift progress, with 2-week sprints producing iterative deliverables. By fostering collaboration through daily stand-ups and providing complete visibility via the clients chosen project management solution, Jira and Confluence, we garnered stakeholder buy-in and momentum.

Documenting the Undocumented:

A pivotal achievement was documenting the 'undocumented business,' developing process models and maps for the As-Is and To-Be models - a feat unseen in the organization's 20-year history.

Accelerated Traction:

Establishing governance, operating, and benefits models paved the way for accelerated development, leading to the approval of the Target Service Model and implementation roadmap in just 6 months.

National-Wide Transformation:

The implemented Service Model orchestrated a nationwide transformation, rationalizing sites, reallocating staff, and retiring redundant processes and databases, all within three carefully planned phases.


Our client’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of the HOBA® framework in overcoming challenges, driving alignment, and achieving remarkable results. Witness the power of strategic vision and meticulous execution in revolutionising court order enforcement and historical debt collection.

Explore our detailed case study to learn more about how HOBA® can empower your organization’s transformation journey. Unlock the potential of agile business architecture today!

HOBA Tech Transformation Results

HOBA®'s agile framework brought clarity and focus to our business transformation

"HOBA®'s approach not only transformed our business but transformed our team's collaboration and engagement."
John Wheatle-Service Owner
John Wheatle
Service Owner

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HOBA Tech Transformation Results

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