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Transforming Healthcare HR Operations with HOBA® Agile Business Transformation Framework

A Case Study in Innovation

Welcome to the journey of healthcare transformation, where strategic vision meets meticulous execution to revolutionise human resources operations in the healthcare sector. Discover how our client, a leading healthcare organisation in the United Kingdom, leveraged the power of the HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) agile business transformation framework to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

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Overview: Understanding the Challenge

Problem Addressed and Overcome

HR Target Operating Model

Initially tasked with revamping HR operations, we recommended establishing a robust HR target operating model (TOM) to regain control over budgeting and headcount management.

Collaborative Approach

Through close collaboration with key stakeholders, including the Business Change Team and HR leadership, we developed a clear roadmap for transformation, addressing the organisation's unique challenges and change inertia.

Vision Alignment

We facilitated workshops to define a compelling vision for the future of HR operations, aligning senior management and staff around common goals and objectives.

Governance Framework

We facilitated workshops to define a compelling vision for the future of HR operations, aligning senior management and staff around common goals and objectives.

Our Solution: Implementing HOBA® Framework

1. Focus (WHY)

Our approach focused on clarifying the organization's vision, objectives, and measures, providing a purpose-driven roadmap for transformation.

2. Control (WHO)

By restructuring governance and approval processes, we ensured that decisions were made by the necessary stakeholders, addressing HR operational challenges effectively.

3. Analysis (WHAT)

Comprehensive analysis of HR processes and user journeys enabled us to identify pain points and improvement opportunities, laying the groundwork for targeted interventions.

4. Evaluate (WHY for Operations)

Identification and quantification of planned business benefits allowed us to define the operational benefits of the transformation, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.

5. Design (WHERE & HOW)

We crafted a target operating model (TOM) that delineated where and how the organisation needed to change, providing a roadmap for process optimisation and capability development.

6. Implement (WHEN)

Meticulous planning and execution ensured timely implementation of planned changes, minimizing disruption and maximizing business benefits realization.

Results Achieved: Transforming Healthcare HR

Reduced Risk and Increased Stability:

By implementing a robust TOM, we reduced the risk of talent loss and recruitment challenges, providing stability to HR staff and the organization as a whole.

Improved Turnover Rate:

Restructuring organizational design and career paths decreased turnover rates, making the organization more attractive to top talent.

Enhanced Line Manager Roles and Capabilities

Streamlined HR processes and clear career paths empowered line managers, improving their roles within HR operations.

Maximised Employee Value Proposition (EVP):

Strategic workforce planning and talent management initiatives enhanced the EVP, attracting and retaining top talent.

Expanded HR Service Offerings

Re-engineered HR processes and improved data quality expanded HR service offerings, aligning with the organization's vision to be a strategic people partner.

Data Quality and Reporting

Implementation of a comprehensive HR data framework and updated reporting mechanisms improved data quality and reporting accuracy, enabling informed decision-making.

HOBA® Drives Healthcare HR Transformation: Innovating for a Future-Ready Ecosystem

Witness the transformative power of HOBA® in action as our client paves the way for a future-ready healthcare HR ecosystem, driven by innovation, efficiency, and strategic alignment.

Join us on this journey of healthcare transformation!

HOBA in Industries - Digital health

HOBA®s agile business transformation brought clarity to our vision and efficiency to our decision-making process

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Rob Knowles
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Why HOBA®?

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