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The Business Transformation Playbooks

The Business Transformation Playbook Trilogy series is here (well almost)! The Prequel and Sequel to our international best seller book – The Business Transformation Playbook. Check them out!

The Business Transformation Playbook Boxset-2D Box

The Transformation
Architectured Startup

How to Architect Your Startup for Constant Change & Scale using the 6-Step Agile Framework 

The Business
Transformation Playbook

How to Transform Your Organisation and Achieve a Zero Percent Fail Rate using the 6-Step Agile Framework

Transformation-Driven Organisation

A Practical Guide to Building a High Performance Business Transformation Capability

Case Study Human Resources HR Transformation
Case Study
Heath Gascoigne

Human Resources HR Transformation Case Study

Download the case study to learn how the UK Government used HOBA Agile Transformation Framework to develop, design and approve the Target Operating Model (TOM) at the Corporate Executive Board (CET) the first time earning the adulation “one-and-done”, never before seen in the history of the Agency!

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Business Change
Case Study
Heath Gascoigne

Realigned Troubled Digital Transformation Case Study

Download the case study and learn how one of the UKs largest digital transformations running for 2.5-years fell out of alignment,  despite the clear and obvious driver for change (aging end of life IT systems, highly manual and paper business process process) got realigned in 6-mths!

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HOBA Bite Sized Lessons
Case Study
Heath Gascoigne

Target Operating Model Merger & Acquisition Case Study

Download the case study and learn how we helped our financial services client organisation develop and approve the Target Operating Model (TOM) to merge two businesses – people, process, technology and data, in record time, with skeleton staff!

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