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Revolutionising Agile Transformation: The HOBA® Method

A Case Study in Innovation

Unlock the secrets to a successful agile uplift with HOBA® – the strategic framework that redefines business architecture for the UK Government. Turn complex business projects into efficient, cohesive programs that deliver tangible results and inspire confidence in stakeholders and end users alike.

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Imagine a scenario where end-of-life IT systems are holding back a large organization from serving its citizens effectively. This digital-first entity, mandated for a seamless online experience, confesses that “Customers don’t find it easy to deal with us.” This was the reality for a UK government organisation facing inefficiencies due to processes that were siloed, paper-heavy, and inflexible.

The organization in question was also struggling with the management of a monumental 2.5-year transformation program, composed of three interlinked but separate projects. Despite a team of multiple external consultancies, the program was behind schedule, under scope, and near the end of its budget, with no specialized focus on business architecture.

Our Approach

Upon entering the project landscape, we realized that while the program had invested in detailed analysis and requirements collection, there was no holistic view of the business alignment required. By adopting a business-led approach and introducing changes in the governance structure, we established a renewed sense of purpose and direction for the stakeholders.

Holistic View

Our agile framework provides a holistic view - that means people, process, technology and data.


We put 'Busines' back into transformation, and into the drivers seat. Business-led, means Business-led.

Measurable Impact

The development and alignment of the enterprise-wide Business Architecture played a pivotal role in steering the multiple projects towards a common goal. Through painstaking gap analysis, we identified critical dependencies and integrated changes that realigned the divergence in project timings and outputs.

Dependencies Management

Our work also unearthed an overlooked but crucial dependency between two of the projects, which could have introduced significant inefficiencies. Thanks to our formally initiated change request and prioritization, the foundation for significant cost-savings and operational improvements was laid

Pilot Execution

The final feather in our cap was the design and execution of a pilot to test the proposed future operations model before a broader rollout. The successful pilot, integrating new scanning solutions and saving over £1 million in a third-party contract, demonstrated the power of proactive transformative design.

The Road Ahead with HOBA

Our agile transformation framework has redefined projects, turning them from complications into opportunities. By integrating the principles of HOBA into your strategy, you can align business and technology initiatives, identify and rectify overlooked gaps, and lead complex change programs with clarity and precision.

HOBA in Industries - UK Government 💼

HOBA®s Business Architecture Framework was integral to our transformation success

"The agile approach and strategic guidance of HOBA® enabled us to streamline our processes, reduce inefficiencies and improve customer experiences.."
Liane Jackson FCA
Liane Jackson
Head of Enterprise Architecture

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