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"..consensus on target visions and clear design and plan for delivery"

“Heath did a great job supporting the teams in reaching consensus on their target business visions and architecture, turning into a clear design and plan for delivery. great stakeholder management enabled him to achieve the right outcomes”

Liane Jackson FCA


"Love how the book is structured and with detailed processes for business architecture changes."

“[The Business Transformation Playbook] is a must for any business that needing to solve architectural problems or cost-saving processes implementation”

Adeel Ahmad


"[Heath] He played an instrumental role in the success of the programme."

“Heath has great intellectual understanding of programme management and deep knowledge of methodologies and practices. His approach adds real value from concept through to design and delivery”


HOBA® Business Transformation framework is used by thousands across the world to transform their business, including the UK Government, FTSE-100 Companies and start-ups.

Unlocked 15yrs frustration in big digital and business transformation projects in 1-week!

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“HOBA method has really simplified the complexity of business transformation and I had already implemented on my current client now”

Dipen Patel

Senior Agile Project Manager and Enterprise Architect Consultant blown away!

“HOBA actually blew my mind, as an actual Enterprise Architect, HOBA demystified  Business Architecture, renewed confidence and hitting the market!” 

Philip Oderinio

More than doubled salary from $65K to $160K in less than 1-year!

“Would I recommend this course for someone moving into a strategy consultancy role? Absolutely!”

Gunoor Singh

I have cleared all my queries about Business Transformation, thanks to HOBA's Agile Accelerator Course!

“It’s going to be wonderful time after going thru this program – business transformation is going to be much more easier now. 

Srinivasan Chellavel

Life-Changing Journey from Enterprise Architect to Agile Transformation!

“I’d highly recommend the course. You get a lot of value and direct access to Heath to help embed the tools & techniques into your daily lives!”

Jon Martin

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It’s free, no pressure and it will be the best time investment you make this year

Need help with your digital transformation? You are in the right place.

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Book your Business Transformation Strategy Session

It’s free, no pressure and it will be the best time investment you make this year

I am the founder of HOBA TECH, creator of HOBA® and author of The Business Transformation Playbook®.

My goal is to help Leaders and Consultants transform their (or their) Clients business with less stress, less time, less cost and higher profits, to build better businesses.

Business Transformation can be a powerful catalyst for economic development and prosperity. Technology has a great part to play in this, which represents a great opportunity for us all!

But it’s not enough to have a great idea to transform. 70% of Business Transformations end in failure. That results in lost time, money and missed opportunities. The biggest cause of transformation failure is because of the ones leading it, Technology.

Successful transformations only come about not by pouring more money and more resources at the problem (which is often the case for those that can afford it) but when they are Business-led. We help put the Business back into control of their transformation, and in control of their Business’ future.

Business transformation is not a one-off event. It’s continuous, it’s a journey.We offers services and resources to support Leaders and Consultants through that journey.

We help Leaders and Consultants build successful businesses.

"Heath joined the team at a time critical period and had to pick up the process and terminology really quickly. He really helped drive the process, producing the documentation using his framework which enabled us to meet our deadline. The information produced was to a high standard and was well received. He also managed stakeholders well and was a pleasure to work with and I would be very happy to work with him again in the future."
Mike Baker
Manager Claims Management
"Heath was instrumental in leading and delivering our project on time and on budget...our project was struggling but with his can-do attitude, articulate communication skills and delivery- focused nature, we managed to reach our target. We really valued his proactivity and his framework has enabled us to implement key processes and bring on board multiple stakeholders. Heath is a proficient PM and will be a valuable asset to any team or project!"
Director, Internal Audit
“We were impressed on HOBA TECHs business-led approach, which really puts the business and customer experience at the start, and centre of the transformation journey”.
Gina Currin
Director, Business Transformation
"Heath's ability to demystify the process for getting to a real TOM, bring people at all levels on¬board and his own productivity made hard work short work in the time I worked with him. I'd recommend him as a Business Architect any time."
Bob Fox
Programme Delivery Project Manager
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