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Transform your business with less stress, less effort, less time, less cost & higher profits. With the simple-to-follow, easy-to-use system. Join the 30% that make business transformation a success.

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Transform Your Organisation

Over 70% of digital and business transformation efforts and projects fail. Old approaches and methods are broken. They don’t solve today’s problems. You need a new approach.

Our proven framework is trusted by the UK Government, FTSE 100 and fast growing companies to deliver their transformation – first time, on time and join the top 30% that succeed!

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The digital transformation is here...

…but are you ready?

Over 70% of digital and business transformation efforts and projects fail. Old approaches and methods are broken. They don’t solve today’s problems. You need a new approach. 

Our proven framework is trusted by the UK Government, FTSE 100 and fast growing companies to deliver their transformation – first time, on time and join the top 30% that succeed!

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HOBA TECH is here to challenge the status quo and address the three problems in business transformation no one wants to talk about:

We want to change that situation and stereotype. 

Our goal is help Organisations develop their own internal capability and join the top 30% and make business transformation a success, with less effort, less time, less cost and higher profits – first time, on time!

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We’re Business Transformation experts that do Business Transformation for a living, not academics or office managers who just write and talk about it. We’re the ones in the trenches working with our own clients, giving the Business back their voices and control from Technology. Here’s a sample of those clients:

Increase your chances

Have you even seen a Business Transformation run on time, on budget and deliver the changes it promised? No, neither have we, that’s why they call us (and probably why you’re here). Successful business transformation is not something that just happens, it’s planned. Working with us, this is the type of results you can expect:

1 %
Increased User Input
1 %
Complete solutions
1 %
Reduced change debt
1 %
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"Digital Transformation is Business Transformation"

Our PRocess

The academics and overnight experts tell you in order to successfully deliver Business Transformation you must follow their complicated process, yet they struggle to describe it or explain how and why you do it. Forget what you’ve been told, it’s not complicated, it’s a simple 6-Step process. Here it is:



First things first. Nothing happens until yourself and Organisation agree on the one thing. We help you and your team to get Focus.



Design without control is madness, so you need control. We show you how to set yourself up for success to control decisions, scope and risks.  



You can’t build anything if you can’t agree of the state of the Organisation today. Here we show you how to define the baseline.


With a lot of stakeholders and competing needs and changes, you need to evaluate. We show you how to prioritise so everyone’s happy. 


We show you how to design a future model that addresses the pain points and opportunities in your current operating model for now and the future.


We show you how to create the plans and roadmaps to deliver the design, and implement the physical (business and technology) changes.

"Organisations dont have a problem with ideas to transform, they have a problem with implementing them"

Our Clients Achievements

We don’t add up the collective years our team have been helping clients, to make it sound impressive. We just get results. If you want to learn the skills to achieve these results, you’re in the right place!


Whether you’re a Business Leader, Director, VP, Manager, or a Transformation Agency Owner, Founder or CEO, taking our training on our proven structured & agile approach to Business Transformation will get you and your team there… 

Business Transformation Playbook Dual Covers

The Business Transformation Playbook®

The method we use to transform business is no secret. We actually published it in our now Amazon bestseller book for the world to see and use. It is now sold in over 13 countries, and now used by thousands to do just that.

Learn the proven HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) framework, design process and blueprint – your practical guide teaching you “how to implement your Organisations Target Operating Model (TOM) and achieve a zero-percent fail rate using the 6-Step Agile Framework”! 

"The Business Transformation Playbook" was named one of the best Business Strategy ebooks of all time by BookAuthority!

What do the top 30% of Organisations know that you dont?

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We have been recognised locally and internationally for our positive impact we are making to the Business Transformation movement

Top Placer Award 2021

HOBA TECH Ltd was a Top Placer Award Winner for Information Technology at 2021 Go Global Awards

Best Business Strategy eBook

The Business Transformation Playbook made it onto BookAuthority‘s Best Business Strategy eBooks of All Time.

Top 20 Podcast 2021

In 2021, Welp Magazine UK (London) recognised our podcast in the Top 20 Best Business Transformation Podcasts for 2021. 

Amazon No.1
Best Seller

The Business Transformation Playbook reached Amazon #1 bestseller in 6-categories including Consulting & Project Management.

What Our Clients Say

Case Studies

Human Resources Transformation

Case Study Human Resources HR Transformation

Troubled HR Transformation pulled off “ice”, approved at board, first time earning title “one-and-done”!

Business Transformation

Case Study Business Transformation Turnaround

7-figure Business transformation stalled for 14-months, turned around in 6-months.


Transformation Turnaround

8-figure digital transformation behind schedule, over-budget turnaround record time!


6 Steps To Business Transformation

Old Transformation Methods Dont Fix Today's Problems

Business Transformation Industry Is Broken

Digital Transformation is Business Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions?

Below is the common questions we get about HOBA® and business transformation:

The true number of business transformation project failure is underreported. Depending on which research you follow, the figure is between 70% – 80% of business transformation projects end in failure.

There is five (5) main causes in business transformation failure are – lack of stakeholder involvement, lack of senior stakeholder support, changing requirement, incomplete requirements and poor planning.

Nothing. They are good at the purpose they were designed for, except they are now used for a different purpose, and that is not the original purpose they were designed for.

Look at TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework) for example – it’s a framework for managing ‘technology’ or ‘technology changes’. It is not surprising, it was written by a “technology standards company”. They know and understand technology.

What is happening is, TOGAF® is being used in business transformation projects that the ‘framework’ to manage the ‘transformation’, but it only focuses one thing – technology. It doesn’t focus on anything else other than Technology (it almost completely ignores, the other two (2) important aspects of the organisation – People, and Process(es)).

It also ignores how to transition the business from the current state, to its desired future state. It effectively put the Technology stakeholders in the drivers set, to dictate to the Business what they think they want and literally throw it over the fence to the Business for them to work out if first it is fit for purpose, and then how to use and implement it.

HOBA® solves the 70% failure rate in business transformation problem by addressing the causes that problem in the first place – by putting the Business back into control, to take control back from Technology and into their own hands, using a structured process and framework that was developed WITH the Business, BY the Business, to be USED and OWNED by the Business, putting the control back into their own hands.

The biggest problem with business transformation projects is firstly the name. “Business Transformation” is incorrectly called or referred to as “Digital Transformation”. ‘Digital Transformation’ is a misnomer, it is not ‘digital’ per se that is ‘transforming’, it is the ‘Business’ that is transforming, and how it does or is doing that in this period of time is via ‘digital technologies’ (if ‘technology’ isn’t already digital, what were they before?).

What this intentional confusion in the marketplace is causing, is it causes is an incorrect bias and focus on the ‘technology aspect’ only of the transformation, which by doing so completely ignores the Business aspects – that’s the Business Operations Stakeholders and their concerns, and the Processes those stakeholders carry out.

HOBA® helps by putting the Business back in to control, to be very clear and structured with what is the Vision, Strategy, Objectives and Measures, what stakeholders are involved and need to be involved in the transformation and their decision making authority, the process to manage those decisions, scope and risks; what are the problems they want to address or opportunities they want to take advantage of; what benefits they want to realise from the transformation and when; what the future or Target Operating Model (TOM) needs to look like to achieve their Vision and Strategic Objectives and business benefits, and how and when will the changes be implemented. Everything and nothing more, only doing what needs to be done, to transform the business, not doing what is happening in the marketplace today and that is ‘creating reams and reams of colourful models and diagrams, that while beautiful, are in reality just “interesting but (sadly) useless”.

The Design Process is the 6-Step process used to implement HOBA® and manage the transformation from the very start, to the very end, implementation.

The biggest misconception in the marketplace today with business transformation is that Clients are led to believe that they need ‘reams and reams’ of pretty colourful presentations to transform your business. This is a fallacy.

This only creates expensive shelf-ware. What those ‘pretty presentations’ are designed for is to enable the transformation project to keep moving toward its end goal, transforming the Business. What the Clients are led to believe is those ‘pretty presentations are the actual goal of the project, and often celebrated and hang up on the project office wall with great bravado as if they were the goal of the transformation itself!

What those ‘pretty presentations’ actually need to be is two (2) things –

  • first, is they need to be understandable, and written in a language that the Business understands, so first they can understand what it and they mean, and then they can agree to it.
  • Then second, then they need to be useful. A lot of Consultants and Consultancy’s wanting to impress their clients with great marketing, pretty presentations and long list of impressive acronyms and latest “it” words, but this just confuses the Client.

What happens is the Consultants will present their ‘ideas’ (because that’s what they are, they have had one meeting with the Client, interpreted that into their own words and perspectives, and come back to them several weeks and months later, having not consulted with them through the process, thinking ‘they know their Clients business best (they don’t, the Client does!) and play back their 300+ page power-point presentation that looks impressive), they present it to the Client, the Client has no idea what it means or says (its written in a foreign language, literally), due to the time it’s taken, and the money it has cost at that point, the Client agrees to it in the room, then walks out the room, and completely ignores everything the Consultant(s) said. The transformation goes nowhere. HOBA® solves that problem, refer to the first question above.

HOBA®  is trusted by the UK Government, FTSE-100 companies and start-ups to both set up, and also turnaround their failing transformations. HOBA® is used by thousands around to transform their business, and was made public for the first time in late 2018, after over 10+ years in use with private clients, published in The Business Transformation Playbook – How to Implement Your Organisations Target Operating Model (TOM) and Achieve a Zero-Percent Failure Rate Using the 6-Step Agile Framework’, reaching bestseller on Amazon in 6-categories including Project Management and Consulting, and made it onto the Best Business Strategy eBook List of All Time by BookAuthority, at no.30 (March 2021). See News for details.

Yes, you can download a FREE preview to The Business Transformation Playbook here.

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