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70% of business transformations and digital transformations fail. Our framework has been used by the UK Government and Startups to rescue their failing transformation programmes.  

Business Transformation Success or Failure
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We’re business transformation specialists with experience in numerous industry sectors. Over 20 years, we’ve work with some of the worlds biggest Organisations and also some of the smallest.

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Our passion for systemised and structured transformation and focus on execution increase your chances of successful business transformation

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Our Process

Whatever your industry and wherever you are, we provide you the tools to transform your Organisation and take your Organisation and Target Operating Model (TOM) to the next level.



First things first. Nothing happens until yourself and Organisation agree on the one thing. We help you and your team to get Focus.



Design without control is madness, so you need control. We show you how to set yourself up for success to control decisions, scope and risks.  



You can’t build anything if you can’t agree of the state of the Organisation today. Here we show you how to define the baseline.


With a lot of stakeholders and competing needs and changes, you need to evaluate. We show you how to prioritise so everyone’s happy. 


We show you how to design a future model that addresses the pain points and opportunities in your current operating model for now and the future.


We show you how to create the plans and roadmaps to deliver the design, and implement the physical (business and technology) changes.

Our Clients Achievements

  • Business Transformation
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Semi and fully automated complex business process
  • Developed and launched industry changing products and services
  • Rescued failed transformation programmes
  • Retired legacy end of life enterprise systems
  • Re-engineered complex business processes
  • Digitally enabled business transformations
  • Enterprise wide ERP software implementations
  • Organisations wide change management initiatives
  • Streamlined and digitalised end to end customer journeys
  • Plus much more


Whether you are an independent Consultant, Consultancy, Business Owner, Business Leader or Entrepreneur who is looking for a proven structured & agile approach to your business transformation or digital transformation, our training will get you there… 

Business Transformation Playbook Dual Covers

The Business Transformation Playbook®

Why do 70% of business and digital transformations projects fail, and only 30% succeed?

The HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) framework, and design process is your blueprint for increasing your success rate in transforming your organisation and implementaing your Target Operating Model (TOM).  

What do 30% of Organisations know that you dont?

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