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Get results with tailored plan and accountability.

Business Transformation Consultant Coaching

Get Results with Tailored Plan and Accountability

Does your Transformation face problems?

70% of Business Transformation end in failure, you are not alone!
You have a vision. You have big dreams. You have big plans.
You bumped into obstacles and challenges. You got demotivated. You feel stuck.
It is all normal. It was expected to be difficult.
Is this going to stop you? Of course not!
You jump back in the drivers seat and get things moving again.
Fortunately we are here to help you with just this!

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Organisation Agility

Our clients and students tell us the highest priority is Organisation Agility. The problem they have is how do they achieve that?


New Business Model

Your current operation model is broken. It needs work. Rework actually. You need a Target Operating Model (TOM) that addresses the problems of today, and takes advantage of the opportunities in the future, BUT you needed it yesterday!


Cost Reduction

Your current operating model is costing you a fortune. Caused by many factors, including inefficient process, legacy systems, staff competency, attitude and mindset (not challenging the status quo)!


Not knowing how to start your business transformation

You’ve got the big vision, the plan, but the next step – execution, is letting you down. You are told you need to send your team off to training and be certified in popular methods and frameworks – certified in methods that result in 70% failure?!


Not knowing what process to follow

There is so many methods and approaches out there, and with that, conflicting information (and frankly, misinformation). You are confused who you can trust. 


How to get senior stakeholder support

One of the four causes of transformation failure – lack of senior stakeholder support. If the “Guys upstairs” don’t buy-in to the transformation, regardless of how good the work was to get you through it, you will struggle. 


Wasting Money

The biggest risk our clients and students want to avoid with their Business Transformations is wasting money (from failed transformations), which is closely followed by the second largest fear – missing opportunities.


Thats how come I was able to create HOBA and write The Business Transformation Playbook (these are also the same questions and issues our Clients and Students have)!


There is a proven process and framework. But it’s more than just an approach and a framework. It’s a framework of frameworks. It covers the four main aspects when you transforming your or your client’s business (process, context, content and perspective) but most importantly it addresses five strategic questions (The WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW and WHEN questions) asked of the Business Transformator (YOU!) and Business Transformation, so the everyone in the Organisation from the C-Suite to Operations is aligned and in agreement.


Get the Help You Need

Heath Gascoigne Creator of HOBA


Develop the right Business Model

Define the right business model for your client. How? The clients people know the business best, they have the answers. You just need to ask the right questions, at the right level, in the right order.


Cut the excess fat out of the Business

Nothing worse than throwing good money after bad. You can bring in all the revenue you want, but if the bucket has a leaking gap, all change is pointless. Strengthen the weak points as you remove inefficiencies.


Start your transformation the right way

There’s only one way to do a transformation, and that’s once. You have to set yourself up for success at the start. Set yourself up the right way, the same way the UK Government does using our method.


Follow the trusted process from the beginning

You don’t want to be questioning the method your chosen to transform half-way through it, nor think about changing it because its broken. Use a trusted and proven method already used by thousands around the world to manage their transformations.


Get All your stakeholders onboard

The 3 L’s of transformation – Layers, Language and Levels. Across the organisation there are different Layers, from C-suite to Ops that speak a different Language, who need different Levels of information. Get everyone on board is easy when you address the 3 L’s.


Save time, money and not miss opportunities

Cause-and-effect. Get setup right, follow the proven and agile approach, speak to the 3 L’s of transformation, get everyone on board from the C-suite to Operations, this is the result. The Organisation is transformed, realises its planned Business Benefits, achieves its Strategic Objectives and ultimately its Vision.


  1. You get on a discovery call with Heath
  2. You complete the transformation assessment
  3. We identify and agree on the top priorities
  4. We establish a comprehensive action plan
  5. We make sure you get results


Prefer group settings? Check out our events.

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