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🚀 Transform Your Career with Our 6-Week Agile Transformation Accelerator Program! 🚀


🚀 Transform Your Career with Our 6-Week Accelerator Program!


HOBA® Training & certification for Business Transformators®

The secret to successful business transformation is not the framework (or methods you apply, although we think we have a pretty good one).

The secret is the skill of the Business Transformator® to apply it in two ways – Appropriately and Proportionately.

We made it easy for you to learn how. Attend a training, apply the knowledge, take the test and get HOBA® Certified.

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We live in a world today that is constantly changing, but we also live in a world where people copy other people, and sometimes without thinking. Countless examples in history where people believed something to be true, was in fact not. People have stopped searching for the truth. What you are going to read might shock you…

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Business Transformation Industry is Broken Elephant In The Room

70% of Transformations Fail

Challenged Projects

According to research the top 4 contributing factors into challenged projects (miss cost, time, and feature targets) are - lack of User input; incomplete requirements, changing requirements & lack of Executive support.

Impaired Projects

Research also found impaired projects (projects cancelled at some point or solution not used after implemented) cited - lack of User input, lack of Executive Management support, clear requirements and poor planning, yet still using old out date methods.

Problems with the Industry

Existing Frameworks

Existing methods are born out of Technology standards, which focus on Technology and ignore Business concerns.

Existing Systems

Existing systems are really business process or enterprise application (software) management tools (and not Business Architecture or Business Transformation at all).

road junction failure & success
Problems with Programme Management

Problem with Programme Management

Focus on delivery (not discovery)

Existing programme management methods are Technology-led (as opposed to Business-led), that focus on Technology and almost always miss the big picture & strategic concerns.

FOCUS ON DESIGN (Not Implementation)

Existing programme management approaches focus on the WHAT (the end looks like)? with little or no consideration for WHY? WHERE, WHEN or the HOW (the Business needs to change, where, when or how to change)?

Here's the Answer

You can’t improve a broken approach, and you cant solve the problem with the same thinking that got you into it. You need to throw it out and replace it. We have the answer…

HOBA® - A Revolutionary New Approach


That puts the Business first – is developed FOR and OWNED by the Business, taking control back from Technology and into the Business Hands.

A comprehensive framework

A complete end-to-end framework, from Design to Implementation, Integrates industry best practises, is agile and caters for changes and risk management, but most importantly addresses the causes of project failure!

A New Approach

Our Training

Our training has been developed over 15+ years in the industry, used on some of the UK Government’s largest business and digital transformation programmes, FTSE-200 Companies and Startups, not dreamed up by Academics sitting in a classroom; Project Managers that only know how to manage a process, or Office Managers,  Technology Architects or User Experience (UX) trainers masquarading as Business Architects.  

Transformation Planning

Agile Transformation Training


Giving you the complete Process, User Stories and Kanban you need to actually go onto the Client's site, work with the Client and deliver the agile transformation.


Giving you the all the Reference Models, Building Blocks and Blueprints to get the Client and Organisation on board, and manage the Business Transformation from start to finish.

Get started with HOBA® today

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