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HOBA Tech CEO at Future of Business Conference South Africa

Uncover the Secrets of Business Transformation Failure with Heath Gascoigne. Ready for a Mindshift?

Get All the Insights You Need from HOBA Tech CEO Key Note Talk. You will learn:


Don't miss Heath's inspiring Keynote

Here is your chance to discover How to Overcome The “Information-Lazy Age”
and Take Responsibility and Harness the Potential of Your Company!

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EXclusive Access to Live Recording

On October 2023, Heath Gascoigne, the CEO of HOBA Tech, gave an inspiring keynote presentation at the Future of Business Conference in South Africa. Here is your chance to get exclusive access to the recording and learn:


ABout the speaker

Heath has been helping businesses with their business and digital transformation for over 15+ years.

Author of the International Best Seller book – The Business Transformation Playbook, Heath is the guy that clients and consultancies call to come in and clean up their programs, put the structures and process in place and get it delivering.

Heath usually charges $10k a day for private coaching but this free training webinar reveals the same process to you for free.

Listen to his keynote here before its taken down!

HOBA Tech CEO Heath Gascoigne-Key Note Presentation-Future of Business Conference-Stage-3

Have Questions?

You will probably find the answers below:

There is no paywall. The Organisers of the event were kind enough to make the recording available at no charge, despite attendees to the live event were charge admission to the event, as well as travel and accomodation to the venue in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

For those that attended the live presentation, the actual slide deck was made available to attendees. If you would like a copy, email [email protected] subject line: I want the knife. 

You will have access to the recording as long as you have the tab open. So if you cant or dont have the time now to watch the full recording (approximately 40-minutes in length), then dont close the tab. 

This is a trick question. If that code you see on the screen in the video is still active, then Yes, go for it! 

Assuming you have contacted us already for the slide deck, you should be fine. But if not, use the same email address you have to contact us and we’ll sort you out!

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