HOBA® Certified partner program

Our business is based on helping others transform theirs. The HOBA® Certified Partner Program is designed to help partners capitalise on the rapidly expanding business and digital transformation market opportunities with HOBA®s revolutionary agile transformation solution.

Become a Certified Partner

HOBA TECH®’s Partner Programme is for consultants and consultancy’s that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional business and digital transformation services to their clients.

As a certified partner, you’ll get exclusive partner resources, training and tools to help you improve your service delivery, increase your revenue per client and improve client retention. 

6 Reasons to Partner with us

Whether your goal is to improve your service delivery, get more clients, improve customer retention, or generate more revenue from your existing clients, we are here to help… 

Grow your business

Agile transformation is the fastest growing opportunity right now, you will get ahead of the curve as we roll out the partner program globally

Convert More Clients

Use the success of deploying HOBA®'s tested and proven approach, templates, checklists and tools to convert more prospects into paying, high-value clients

Improve Service Delivery

With HOBA®'s done-for-tools, you will be delivering clients agile transformation quicker, with less risk and more predictability

Fill your pipeline

Leverage our done-for-you service delivery tools, templates and tools and your listing in the "Certified Partners" directory to fill your pipeline (and keep fill)

Increase Retentions

Offer to train your best client's teams either as an additional fee or part of your service delivery and stay with you longer

Increase Your Authority

As Certified Partners you and your team can claim your badges and certificates to show off your brand new skills and abilities

who is this for?

The HOBA® Certified Partner Program is for consultants and consultancy’s that want to include HOBA® as a key part of their service offering, supporting clients with their business & digital transformations:

  • Business Architecture Consultancy's
  • Business Architect Consultants
  • Business Analyst Consultancy's
  • Business Analyst Consultants
  • Business Advisor Consultants
  • Business Transformation Consultancy's
  • Business Transformation Consultants
  • Enterprise Architecture Consultancy's
  • Enterprise Architect Consultants
  • Business Management Consultany's
  • Business Management Consultants
  • Business Change Consultancy's
  • Business Change Consultants
  • Business Process Management Consultancy's
  • Business Process Management Consultants

Types of partners

There are two (2) types of partners to consider. Choose the right partnership that is right for you and your business:  

Transformation Training

transformation Partner

Do you have a passion for business, technology and helping clients transform their business? Become a Certified Partner and benefit from the following:

  • Full and ongoing training to learn HOBA®
  • Listing in our directory - we will send you leads
  • Streamline your service delivery and increase revenue!

referral Partner

If you would rather just recommend and refer HOBA® to your clients, associates or people you influence, check out of Referral Partner Program:

  • Quick, easy & free to join
  • Earn a referral free (POA)
  • For every new account you refer that signs up to a paid account

Becoming a Partner is a 6-Step Process

For partners who meet the minimum entry requirements, it’s easy to join:

Complete the Registration Form

We'll Assess Your Suitability

Pay the One-Off Joining Fee

Take the Online Training Program

Pass the Training Program Test

Join The Certified Partner Ranks

Complete the registration form

Pay the one-off joining fee

Pass The Training Program Test

We'll Assess Your Suitability

Take the online Training Program

Join The Certified Partner Ranks

What you will get as a certified Partner

Training and Certification

Training & Certification

We’ll provide you with training through our online training program for you and your team to make sure that only the best, most capable businesses are able to call themselves Certified Partners. 

Priority Support

Priority Support

When you’re out there selling, training & supporting your clients, you never feel alone. HOBA® Certified Partners get their own support email address & escalation phone number, so you’re never own your own.

Ongoing Margin

Ongoing Margin

As a ongoing partner & service provider, you will get a cut of ongoing subscription revenue from subscriptions you sell and support. The percentage increases as you have more business you bring us.

Support Materials

Support Materials

We provide you with training and support materials so you can quickly and easily start offering training, implementation and support services for your clients.

Referral Fee

Referral Fee

If you know other businesses that would be great HOBA® Certified Partners, introduce them to the program through the Registration Form below, if they become Certified Partners we’ll give you $500 to say thanks!

Partner Page

Partner Listing

Once you become a Certified Partner, your business will be listed on HOBA.TECH website. Users will be encouraged to check out the partner directory – sending you business leads direct to your website.

New Features

Access New Features

There will be new & exciting features coming with HOBA Pro® – where Partners can implement HOBA® and manage their clients whole end-to-end agile transformation online (coming soon!).

Own Test Instance

Own Test Instance

Certified Partners will also get their own demo platform for HOBA® free of charge. Great for demos and experimenting without affecting sensitive business data, free to setup and configure how you wish (coming soon!)

Public Event Listing

Public Events

Certified Partners will be able to list their public training events on HOBA.TECH website, so users to view your HOBA® classes and public events in the HOBA® public training & event calendar (coming soon!)

Apply today!

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Fill out the form below, to chat with us and start the application process...

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Probably you'll find the answer(s) below!

There are multiple ways you can generate additional revenue as a Certified Partner. First, you can go back to your existing clients and offer them the new services you are licensed to sell and deliver. You can utilise the tools we will provide you to attract new clients, even clients who have passed on your services in the past. 

To simplify communication, you will have one primary point of contact on the HOBA TECH team, but this person will have access to anyone else who may need to be brought into the loop. In a practical sense, you’ll have access to anyone on the team who can help make your partnership with us a success.

Absolutely! Our goal is to take HOBA® international. We want HOBA TECH officers in every city in every country that will have us, but we need “boots on the ground” who are familiar with the territory. That said, right now all HOBA® materials are in English only, so if your market requires a different language, you will need to take on the translation work.


Our licence fee is a tiered structure, based on the number of consultants on or supporting the service delivery of the businesses transformation services. The increasing number of consultants, the incrementally decreasing fee per consultant decreases. This fee will cover the use of the HOBA® brand and other intellectual property, as well as the considerable time and investment to create and deploy the service deliver and client attraction resources you will receive as a Certified Partner. Complete the Registration Form below to learn more.

If your application is approved, you’ll take the Transformation Mastery course and exam to be a Agile Transformation Specialist. Next, you’ll gain access to our Partner Portal where you’ll learn to use the proprietary tools and resources you’ll receive as a partner, and enter your details that you would like to appear in the Certified Partner Directory.

The ideal Certified Partner should be a consultant or consultancy that is actively servicing medium to large businesses. You could be a business coach, independent consultant or a management consultancy, it doesn’t really matter. If you serve medium to large businesses and business or digital transformation touches some aspect of your service, then there’s a good change you’re a fit.

We haven’t set a limit at this time. Our main goal is to help as many small businesses as possible, and given that there are literally tens of millions of small businesses in the UK alone, we need all the help we can get.

The Certified Partner Program is not “area exclusive” at this time, nor are there plans to offer geographic exclusivity in the near future. The goal of this program is to serve as many small businesses as possible, and to do that we need A LOT of help. We also know that most of our Certified Partners will SPECIALISE, either in a particular niche (i.e. service companies, banking, government agencies etc.), or in a particular range of services (i.e. business analysis, business design, transformation implementation etc.). For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to restrict the number of Certified Partners in a specific geographic region. That may change over time, but for now our hope is that the Certified Partners will network, share ideas, and ideally send clients to one another based on each others area of specialisation. 

Every business is different so it’s impossible to guarantee a specific revenue or ROI result. That said, we are aligned with the same goal of helping businesses transform and grow, so we will do everything we can to equip you with the tools and resources you need to grow your own practice so you can help as many businesses as possible. It is worth putting out that just one new client should easily cover the license fee required to participate in the program, so for active partners, achieving a positive ROI should be the minimum expected goal. But again… no guarantees. This is still your business, and it’s up to you to run and grow. 

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