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[Award] HOBA TECH named Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year - UK

HOBA Tech was named Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year at Acquisition International (AI) Business Excellence Awards 2022!

HOBA TECH LTD (HOBA TECH®) is pleased to announce we were named ‘Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year – UK’ at Acquisition International (AI) annual Business Excellence awards!

Read the full award here.


HOBA Tech are your Business-led  Digital Transformation experts. Learn how to transform your organisation the first time, on time. Based on our HOBA® Agile Business Transformation framework and bestselling book – The Business Transformation Playbook. We help business leaders setup, start and lead their transformation with less effort, less time and higher ROI while addressing the cause that makes 70% of them fail.

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