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Looking for a TOGAF Alternative? Meet HOBA.

HOBA® makes it easy to get your whole team on board and mobilise your digital business transformation, quickly and easily. So you’re looking for an alternative to TOGAF®, you’ve come to the right place. The largest transformations in the UK has used HOBA® to setup, and rescue their transformation saving time, money and missed opportunities. 

Looking for an alternative to TOGAF?

Dont do this!

TOGAF® was developed by The Open Group, a technology standards company. Their focus is Technology, and its good for that. Sadly, its only good for that. What you get with TOGAF® is:

Do this instead!

Business Transformation is a team sport. You need a business transformation framework that involves the whole team.  HOBA® makes it easy to get your team onboard quickly with your Organisation’s transformation. No more guesswork, or overcomplicated documentation, plus

companies who trust HOBA®

We’re business transformation specialists with experience in numerous industry sectors. Over 20 years, we’ve work with some of the worlds biggest Organisations and also some of the smallest.

Business Transformation Playbook Dual Covers

The Business Transformation Playbook®

HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) framework, was published for the first time in early 2019 after 10+ years used with private clients. Our book – The Business Transformation Playbook reached Amazon #1 bestseller in six (6) categories including Consulting and Project Management. Don’t be one of the 70% that fail transforming their business. Get your copy and increase your success rate in transforming your organisation and implementing your Target Operating Model (TOM) today!  


Whether you are an Business Owner, Business Leader or Business Consultant who is looking for a proven structured & agile approach to your business transformation or digital transformation, our training will get you there… 

Case Studies

Business Transformation

Seperated Bridge Vector Image

7-figure Business transformation stalled for 14-months, turned around in 6-months.


Experts Dicussing with Client Vector Image

8-figure digital transformation behind schedule, over-budget turnaround.

Merger &

An expert explaning the checklist

Future Operating Model Design & Roadmap delivered in record time, skeleton staff.

Vector Globe Design for Business Transformation

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