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The Business Transformation Playbook®

Struggling with your Business Transformation? Feel like your transformation efforts are going down the drain?

Learn how we have helped Startups, Central Government, Public Sector and FTSE-100 Corporations turnaround their failing Business & Digital Transformations.

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Even if you are not a Business Architect

Designing and implementing Business Strategy and Business Architure is a 6-Step Process

what are the 6-steps

Designing and implementing Business Strategy and Business Architecture is a 6-Step Process


Not a Business Architect? The Business Transformation Playbook is not only for Business Architects. Its for anyone who is interested in a structured approach to implementing their strategy in a rapidly changing world, including Start-ups. 

what are the 6-steps

Designing and implementing Business Strategy and Business Architecture is a 6-Step Process

Check the Summary

You’ll learn valuable skills on how to implement your business strategy in work or own business.

Featuring tricks and tips, risks and mitigations and how to avoid common mistakes and the most often overlooked, stakeholder management and understanding the different layers within the organisation, that speak a different language, that require a different level of detail. 

This book provides practical steps and blueprints to keep everyone happy while delivering on time, on budget and on scope.

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Amazon Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews.



about the author

Heath Gascoigne Business Transformator


Heath is a Business Architect with 15 years experience in Business Architecture and programme management. He specialises in helping businesses design and implement challenging Target Operating Model’s (TOM) as part of their digital and business transformation.

Heath has worked for some of the largest financial services companies in the world, as well as working along side top consultancies on various programmes ranging from $100K to £500m.

Heath holds his MBA (Exec.), LEAN Six Sigma (Black Belt) and certifications in TOGAF and Project Management (PRINCE2 & Certified Scrum Master). He is also an adviser and mentor to young professionals and new startups.

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The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Business: The Complete Manual

Build a strategy fit for constant change.

Learn how to tackle digital business transformation with business-led digital transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Below is the common questions we get about HOBA® and The Business Transformation Playbook:

The Business Transformation Playbook is the practitioners step-by-step User Guide how to manage your business transformation for your or your Clients organisation.

Business Transformation Consultants, Leaders and Managers who actually do business transformation for themselves or their clients, who want a proven method to transform their or their client’s business.

The Business Transformation Playbook is written BY the Business (that’s Business, as in ‘Business Stakeholders’), FOR the Business, to be USED and OWNED by the Business. It is written in plain English and simple terms, in a language the Business can understand, their own. Technology Stakeholders can, do and have read it, in fact it is open to everyone.

The print (hardcover and paperback) is 374 pages, A4 size, landscape, full colour and contains 200 tables, and 200 diagrams and models. It is equivalent to a high school or university textbook size. The content however is very easy to read and understand.

If you are in the business of transforming businesses, then this is for you. Your business (or client’s business) needs to be of a certain size that would require a Business Architect (we call Business Transformators, because they are moved passed just design and include strategy development and strategy implementation). An organisation where you can count the number of staff members on the same hand, or look across the organisation in the one room might not be of the size that requires a Business Architect to help it transformation (possibly a Business Analyst might do?). Still have questions? Contact us here.

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