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Overcoming the Top 7 Obstacles SMEs Face with Business Transformation


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Overcoming The Top 7 Challenges SMEs Face with Business Transformation

In this episode, we will be joined by Clive Hardisty. He was born in Cambridge, then migrated to Australia. He has a solid background as a Business Architect, Business Consultant, Senior Account Architect, Enterprise Business Architect, Solutions Development and Quality Manager, Director, Consultant, Lead Systems Integration Manager, Senior Quality Assurance Consultant, Principal Consultant. Business Architecture and Service Design.

He is an established business leader, having previously founded a number of startups with a real gravitas in the market. Involved in establishing TestRight Computing and QualTech ACT and merging them to form what is now known as Cordelta. Specializing in Business Design, Management, and Performance Improvement. Clive is an accomplished professional with global experience working in many industries across the corporate and government sectors.

He is a thought leader with real hands-on practical experience delivering corporate strategy through digitized Business Operations.

In this episode, we talked about Digital Health and learned more about who Clive Hardisty is. How he is at work, how he overcomes challenges and many more.

“One of the things that makes you effective these days is you've got to ride the wave and the thinking of the time”

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[3:39] - Setting the right vision and right strategy.

[7:12] – Value Streams

[8:41] – Implementing holistic views can be quite a challenge.

[27:31] – What Clive wished he knew before.

[12:46] – How Clive gets his stakeholders to go on the journey to explain a capability.

[16:13] – Functional matrix.

[27:31] – What Clive wished he knew before.

[32:05] – False economy.

[34:42] – What Clive finds fascinating in businesses.

[1:03:29] - Discipline

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