The Four Levels Of A Business Transformator

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business transformation services

In our previous post we’ve discussed that a
Business Transformator is an individual who helps organisations implement their
Target Operating Model (TOM) and transform their business.

Like any profession, there are levels of
competency. The same applies to to Business Transformation and the Business

Here’s the following:

  • Level 1: Novice
  • Level 2: Apprentice
  • Level 3: Journey-Man
  • Level 4: Master

The levels are similar to the building or
construction trade and for good reason.

Building a Business architecture is pretty
much the same as creating a building.

The output will depend on your level of skill,
knowledge and experience.

Want to learn more about the four levels? The
table below explains each in-depth:

  Novice Apprentice Journeyman Master
Summary The new kid
on the block, very keen and eager.
A person who
is learning their trade through practical experience from a skilled employer.
A skilled
worker who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship
considered competent and authorised to work as a qualified employee.
A person
notably proficient in the art of ‘building’ and qualified or licensed to
supervise building construction.
Pros Makes
choices based on the rules and adheres to the framework almost religiously.
All aspects
of work are treated separately with equal importance. Possesses a growing
perception of actions in relation to goals.
Able to
provide a holistic view of the situation which illuminates problems,
considers consequences and reuses templates or examples where appropriate.
problems, transcends reliance on rules and guidelines, adapts solutions to
new situations and has a vision of both how and what is possible.
Weakness Has limited
understanding of adaptability, customisation or appreciation of the
interaction between the overall parts of the Business Architecture.
situational perception from lack of practical experience.
Takes more
time to complete a task than a more experienced member of the team.
situational perception based on ongoing experience.
faster at execution through effective planning and routines.
Always seeks to better understand 
concerns issues.
events, and offer suggestions for improvement.
What to watch out for Fails to ask
the right question to get the right answer.
requirements at face value and occasionally asks questions to check for
and pragmatically questions the status quo of ‘this is how we always do it’

Which level are you? Let us know in the

Thank you for reading this!


Heath Gascoigne

P.S. If you want to join our Business Transformator community of like-minded Business Transformators, join the community on the Business Transformator Facebook Group here:

P.P.S. The UK Government and startups have
used our framework on their transformation projects. You too can learn how in
2-days. Check it out here

P.P.P.S. If you want to learn more about
business transformation, check out The Business Transformation Playbook here.

For more information, visit 

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