What is the role of The Business Transformator?

In a previous, we discussed WHO IS a Business Transformator.

And in today’s post we’ll go more in-depth and discuss WHAT is their role.

What is a Business Transformator?

The Business Transformator isn’t Superman, but he’s pretty close!

If you need a refresher, remember that a Business Transformator identifies the business needs of his clients.

He has two main roles:

Role #1: Development and delivery of the Target Operating Model (TOM) which aligns the business to the business strategy. 

The TOM’s design (this is what your operations would like, let’s call it Business Architecture) is driven by investment in enablers (the people, process and technology changes) that ‘enable’ the business to realise its planned benefits. 

The Business Transformator ensures that business architecture is aligned with the technology and data architectures across the organisation. This way, synergies and return on investment are maximised, dependencies are managed and risks are minimised.

Role #2: Ensuring that the ‘physical’ Business Architecture’s implementation is aligned with the business, data and technology.

The Business Transformator does not only develop and deliver the design.

Of course, you don’t just lug the design over the fence and assign someone else to implement it, then hope the expected outcomes are achieved.

The Business Transformator must also finish the implementation of the physical architecture.

Measuring the Success of Your Business Transformation

We’ve consistently mentioned that 70% of transformation programmes fail.

So how do you succeed?

To measure your progress, we’ve created a Transformation Scorecard.

The Transformation Scorecard is a valuable tool as it assesses your ability to transform your business and achieve a zero percent fail rate.

It’s made up of two scores:

How will you rate yourself?

For each category, rate yourself based on your answer to the following questions:

Scoring mechanics is as follows:

  • 7-10 = High Strength
  • 4-6 = Average Strength
  • 0-3 = Low Strength

Our scorecard uses the same approach to designing and implementing your Organisation’s Target Operating Model (TOM). You start your transformation journey from an agreed baseline and improve based on what you measure.

Your overall score will relate to your ability to implement the business transformation, realising the business benefits and achieving the overall vision.

The benefits to determining your transformation score include the following:

As you develop these strengths, you’ll be able to achieve everything you’ve set out to accomplish with more confidence than ever before.

Our Transformation Test is based on the answers to ‘Why, Who, What, Where, How and When?’ questions asked for each element of HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®). If you want to learn more about HOBA®, then check out The Business Transformation Playbook® here.

Business Transformator is No Genie

The Business Transformator isn’t a genie, but he’s very close!

He is the key facilitator within the organisation who provides the bridge between strategic planning and strategy execution to the solution delivery and implementation teams.

The Business Transformator is able to do their role through:

  • Eliciting, analysing, validating and visualising the organisation’s strategic, business and implementation requirements between the client at the strategic level,
  • Understanding the impact to the organisation at the operational level, and working with the portfolio, programme and project at the implementation level.
  • Identifying and agreeing with the implementation roadmap and plan to deliver the changes to the business at the physical level from the ‘model world’, to the ‘real world’.

The Business Transformator’s role changes over the course of the business transformation from a ‘Design-Lead’ to a ‘Design-Steward’. The implementation of the ‘physical’ TOM must align with the agreed ‘design’ of the TOM.

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Heath Gascoigne

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