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2-Day Agile Business Transformation Masterclass

If you want to successfully transform your business into a digitally well-oiled machine in the fastest time possible, then this workshop is for you!

HOBA Tech 2-Day Business Transformation Masterclass


This is an intensive two-day fast-paced hands-on workshop from business transformation expert Heath Gascoigne, creator of House of Business Architecture® (HOBA®) 6-step agile business transformation method and international best-selling author of The Business Transformation Playbook®.

Over the past 5 years, more than £127 million have been spent on business transformation successfully across 4 start-ups and small businesses, 2 large banks and 3 Government agencies as a result of Heath helping them apply the HOBA® Framework principles. Given that 70% of digital transformation projects fail, needless to say these projects were on the brink of collapse.

Join Heath Gascoigne, creator of House of Business Architecture® (HOBA®) 6-step agile business transformation method and international best-selling author of The Business Transformation Playbook®.

70% of Organisations digital business transformations lead in failure. Existing methods and approaches are broken, you need a new approach. Uncover the proven 6-Step method that gives you a failsafe key to successful business transformation.

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2-Day Mastermind

Business Transformation
$ 250
Per Person (South Africa 1-2 Nov, 2023)*
  • Understand how to design your TOM using the six-step process
  • Avoid the busy work and focus on efforts that produce actual results
  • Learn how to apply HOBA framework used by 1000's of practitioners globally
90% OFF!

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Whats included in your ticket?

Included in your Masterclass package:

  1. Onboarding Activity (Transformation Ready Scorecard assessment, and Pre-Masterclass questionnaire)
  2. Access to the Masterclass Pre-Learning Course
  3. The Business Transformation Playbook® (eBook version)
  4. Participant workbook
  5. 1-year access to HOBA Community (launching soon!)
  6. Certificate of Completion

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is intended for those who are directly (and indirectly) involved in a business transformation initiative, project or programme.

This includes from Business Owners, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, to Business and Technology Architects, Business Analysts, Change Agents, Consultants and Consultancies responsible for implementing or leading your organisation or your clients through their digital business transformation.

Attendees typically include:

  1. Business Owners, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  2. Enterprise Architects (Business, Technology and Data)
  3. Business Change Coaches & Consultants
  4. Project, Programme and Product Managers and Owners
  5. Internal Change Analysts, Agents and Managers

The masterclass group numbers will be kept small enough to address a lot of groups concerns and issues, but large enough to offer a range of industries and situations everyone can benefit from.

We will aim to restrict the number to around 20-30 participants of various backgrounds so be prepared to share and contribute.

Why you should attend this workshop

In today’s age of digital disruption, Organisations of every size realise they need to change, and embark on their digital transformation but despite best intentions and methods, 70% of transformation programmes fail.

This results in wasted time, wasted money, and missed opportunities, with the 4 biggest causes of programme failure:

  1. Changing requirements,
  2. Incomplete requirements,
  3. Lack of Business User engagement and Buy-in, and
  4. Poor Planning.

HOBA® – the House of Business Architecture® framework is the answer. HOBA® provides 4 frameworks in one – a process framework, a perspectives framework, a context framework, and a content framework, and all aligned with industry best practices, addresses the 4 main causes of transformation failure, and most importantly, puts the control back into the Business’ hands.

"This two-day course will prepare you to lead an enterprise agile business transformation by leveraging the House of Business Architecture® (HOBA®) framework".

You will learn how to effectively apply the HOBA® and the 6-Step Design Process and principles to develop both the organisations future operating model and roadmap, as well as everything you need to manage the implementation of the physical target operating model including the realisation of the organisations planned benefits the plan describes.


  1. Cut through the noise and ignore the hype of what it actually means and takes to transform your business
  2. Learn the HOBA® method, principles and techniques for business transformation and how to apply to your own or clients business
  3. Understanding the interaction between Agile (Kanban, SAFe and Scrum), LEAN, Stakeholder Management, Change Management, Business Analysis and Process Management and Business Architecture in developing and implementing an agile business transformation
  4. Leave with confidence, knowledge and tools to become a Business Transformator and lead your business through its business transformation

You will have two pre-masterclass tasks to complete:

  1. You will be sent the Transformation Scorecard Assessment* based on the HOBA® method, to complete a week ahead of the workshop, and
  2. You will take a short pre-course survey to ensure that we take your expectations into account.

(*) The Transformation Scorecard Assessment will tell us your current level of knowledge and experience which will allow us to identify areas of greatest improvement to discuss with the group potential areas of focus.

Before the masterclass, you will be provided with the speaker notes (to read beforehand if you wish) sent out 1-2 days before the scheduled start.

During the masterclass you will be provided with the masterclass participant workbook, and your print copy of The Business Transformation Playbook®.

After the masterclass, you will be access to online templates and blueprints covered in the workshop and encourage you to join the Facebook group to meet other Business Transformators just like you!

2-Day Business Transformation Masterclass-Vision Mapping

Workshop Overview

Day 1: HOBA® & Design Process Steps 1-3

House of Business Architecture® (HOBA®)

  1. Understanding HOBA® and how it addresses the cause that make 70% transformations fail,
  2. How HOBA® systematically answers the WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW & WHEN questions asked of the business and business transformation
  3. Alignment of other approaches – SAFe, Scrum, Waterfall, Benefits Management, TOGAF and Zachman

Step 1 – Focus

  1. Starting point for digital business transformation
  2. The Business Motivation Model (BMM)
  3. Discussing how the BMM addresses the WHY question, agrees direction, expectations and gets everyone on board the transformation in minutes not month

Step 2 – Control

  1. Setting up and running the governance framework
  2. The Government Model (GOV)
  3. Discussing how the GOV addresses the WHO question (Who is involved, and what is there role), so requirements, changes, scope and risks are managed easily and effectively

Step 3 – Analyse

  1. Establishing the baseline
  2. The Current Operating Model (COM)
  3. Discussing how the COM addresses the WHAT question (WHAT is the problem and opportunities the organisation is facing today) to establish the baseline to build from

Day 2: HOBA & Design Process Steps 4-6

Step 4 - Evaluate

  1. Evaluating the options
  2. The Benefits Model (BEN)
  3. Discussing how the BEN addresses the WHY question (WHAT do this? What are the benefits the organisation need

Step 5 - Design

  1. Designing the Target Operating Model (TOM)
  2. The Target Operating Model (TOM)
  3. Discussing how the TOM addresses the WHERE & HOW questions (WHERE the business needs to change? And HOW is the business changed?) to address the pain-points, and opportunities in the COM today

Step 6 - Implement

  1. Implementing the TOM
  2. The Road Map Model (RMM)
  3. Discussing how the RMM addresses the WHEN question (WHEN are the changes implemented, and the tracking the planned benefits realisation for a successful business transformation)

Next 30 days

  1. Putting it all together
  2. The 30-day Plan
  3. Discussing the actual plan and steps you will take back in your office to get everyone on board and execute your business transformation


“This workshop that goes into depth and walks through the ‘business transformation playbook and how to use HOBA® to implement your organisations business transformation”
Syed Shahzad - Oxademy
Syed Shahzad, Oxademy
“This is what they mean when putting the ‘Business’ back in to Business Transformation and putting the Business (as opposed to Technology) in the driver’s seat”
Andrew Houston, RBS
“I can now easily see where our Business transformations failed previously, we were either design only focused (ignoring implementation) and were incorrectly led by technology (as opposed to business)”
Nick Dawes-UK Home Office
Nick Dawes, Home Office
“This is what Business Architecture is supposed to be – provides visibility upfront of the work, process and activities required to transform the business, and the relationship, dependencies and alignment between the Organisations vision at the strategic level, and implementation at the operational level”
Ben Slasberg-UKVI
Ben Slasberg UKVI
“This workshop truly embodies what they mean when they say ‘business transformation is everyone’s business’
Joseph Cruickshank-Agile Master
Joseph Cruickshank, Agile Transformations
“Very practical workshop was able to return to work the next day and realign our programme back to the programme vision and get the team refocused on a delivering the right changes to realise the planned benefits when required”
Andy Frost-Global Business Change
Andy Frost, Global Business Change

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Some of the UK Government’s biggest transformation programmes trust our framework. Our coaching will help you start or align your programme and get it back on track.

Transformation Training


Develop, design and deliver your Organisations Target Operating Model (TOM) and implementation roadmap and plans, regardless of your previous experience or knowledge. 

Transformation Training


Train your team in-house or join a public schedule workshop and get hands-on with the HOBA framework so you and your team hit the ground running. 

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Got a question? You'll probably find the answer(s) below!

You will gain knowledge and practical application on how to design, and implement your organisations Target Operating Model (TOM) using the 6-step agile business transformation framework. Included in your Masterclass package:

  1. Onboarding Activity (Transformation Ready Scorecard assessment, and Pre-masterclass questionnaire)
  2. Access to the Masterclass Pre-Learning Course
  3. The Business Transformation Playbook (eBook version)
  4. Participant workbook
  5. 1-year access to HOBA Community (launching soon!)
  6. Certificate of Completion

Pen and note paper (you will be supplied with a participants workbook and handouts for individual and group activities)

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel this course if there are insufficient registrations. If this is the case, you will be notified 5 working days before the course start date. In this case, you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund. We will not be responsible for any other costs incurred.

Please review our terms and conditions here

Yes you can, however it is not recommended as with business architecture, it is made of building blocks, with each building on each other. If you miss some or part of a session, you may miss invaluable lessons and application of that lesson with the interactive parts of the Masterclass.

If your Masterclass is recorded, you will have access to the video recording of the Masterclass for 30 days after the Masterclass finishes.

Please note that you will only receive the Certificate of Completion if you attended at both days in full.

We will provide you with access to the pre-Masterclass course. This will give you an introduction to HOBA®, the Design Process and alignment with other approaches (amongst other things). This will allow you to hit the ground running, with everyone in the room having at least the same baseline understanding of HOBA, business architecture and business transformation. This knowledge will help you to actively participate in the exercises during the actual Masterclass.

You will be send two pre-masterclass activities to complete – the Transformation Ready Scorecard, and pre-masterclass questionnaire so we can understand your goals and objectives so we can tailor the material and scenarios to your situation as best as we can.

You will also be given access to the pre-masterclass online course approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. We will contact you via email with further instructions.

Please send an email to [email protected]. Once you have received access to HOBA Community, there’s also a forum you can post your questions.

Yes, we would happy to provide a proforma invoice if you are looking to purchase 5 or
more tickets and are a registered legal entity/company. You are welcome to send us an
email to [email protected] for further details. We will provide detailed invoices
to all registered participants upon completion of purchase.

In the 2-Day masterclass, we teach you the fundamentals and core elements of HOBA and how to use HOBA to design your Target Operating Model (TOM), at both the Strategic / conceptual level, and what that looks like down in Operations / implementation level..

In the 5-Day bootcamp, we get into a lot more details and share best practices, our tools and techniques around agile business transformation and put more of an emphasis on the design process and structure of what the actual transformation journey will look like. This is great for transformation leaders and managers looking to understand what it means to setup, manage and lead the transformation project and program in your organisation.

Yes, however you will need to complete the registration information of your colleague (i.e. First Name, Last Name & E-mail address) in order for them to receive all the crucial information prior, during, and the Masterclass.

Yes, we offer a 20% discount on a standard ticket price for group bookings of 5 or more participants from the same company.

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Thank you for your interest in HOBA TECH Business Transformation Coaching.

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Thank you for your interest in HOBA TECH Business Transformation Workshops.

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