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The Transformation - Driven Organisation

In our third book ‘The Transformation-Driven Organisation – A Practical Guide to Building a High Performance Business Transformation Capability’, we cover: 

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Why this book?

It’s kind of like Star Wars and the trilogy series, part 3 came out first, then then next one is the prequel.

There was a method in that madness, and that method is the 80/20 rule. We covered in our first book – ‘The Business Transformation Playbook – How to  Implement Your Business Organisations  Target Operating Model (TOM) and achieve a Zero Percent Fail Rate using the 6-Step Agile Framework’, the biggest pain points that we see (and saw) in business transformation, and that is with the running and  ‘doing Business Architecture’ in existing programmes. The second book covered the ‘before there was a project or program’, there was always going to be ‘but what about after there was a Programme?’

As you might know, an Organisations transformation never really ends, its constantly changing. So, here in our third book, we will take ‘after the programme has delivered’ scenario, so you get better at it, more effective and efficient.. ie building the capability. The teaching in this book will get your transforming like a well oiled transformation machine! 

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