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BlackWell's now stocks The Business Transformation Playbook!

The Business Transformation Bible is now in BlackWell's

HOBA TECH LTD (HOBA TECH®) is pleased to announce our bestseller book – “The Business Transformation Playbook” is now stocked by the iconic UK bookseller BlackWell’s

BlackWell’s first bookshop opened by a member of the Blackwell family was in Oxford in 1846. BlackWell’s operates a chain of 30 bookshops including situated on campuses of leading Universities across the UK from Exeter, London, Oxford, Cardiff, Sheffield, Lincoln, Manchester to Edinburgh (and in between), serving not only individual customers but also a host of libraries, universities, businesses and government departments.

BlackWell’s employs over 500 staff across the country, with the original Oxford Store listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the single largest room in the world selling books.

To get our book from BlackWell’s, click here.

HOBA TECH Founder & CEO and author of The Business Transformation Playbook, Heath Gascoigne said on the news iconic BlackWell’s is now stocking our book “It’s an honour and privilege that not only our book, which is becoming an icon in itself is stocked by such an icon as BlackWell’s, but it is also now easily available from leading Universities right on their campuses up and down the country!”.

"It's an honour and privilege that not only our book - The Business Transformation Playbook, which is becoming an icon in itself is stocked by such an icon as BlackWell's, but also now easily available from leading Universities right on their campuses up and down the country!"

That now brings a total of nine (9) leading retailers stocking our Amazon Bestseller book The Business Transformation Playbook, including Amazon, Books-a-Million (BAM), Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Indigo, Porchlight and Waterstones

For details about The Business Transformation Playbook, or purchase your copy from your favourite retailer, visit here.


Business Transformation and Digital Transformation experts. Learn how to transform your organisation the first time, on time. Based on our HOBA® Agile Business Transformation framework and bestselling book – The Business Transformation Playbook. We help Consultants, Consultancies and Organisations make their digital business transformation programs successful by addressing the cause that makes 70% of them fail.

Need help with your digital business transformation? We can train your own people to transform your or your clients business, using our proven method trusted by the UK Government, FTSE 100 and fast growing organisations. Get in touch today!

Learn more about HOBA TECH® at https://hoba.tech

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