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Download the Vision Map or also called the Vision, Strategy, Objectives & Measures (VSOM) Blueprint is used to get a clear and agreed description of the Vision – the outcome the Organisation is aiming from the Business Transformation. 


Vision Strategies Objectives Measure (VSOM) Blueprint Template

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For the Vision to be meaningful, it needs to be decomposed in such a way that is a meaningful and measurable to all parties – not only involved in the Business transformation itself, but impacted by it. Defining the Vision is one of the first tasks, and possibly the most important task in the Design Process, as this becomes (and is) the single focus point for the entire Business Transformation.  


The VSOM Blueprint provides the view of the Vision decomposed into the Strategy(ies), Objectives and then Measures. Creating the VSOM Blueprint is a practical planning process that helps define the Vision, and the criteria that is used to measure success. 

Each of the components of the VSOM Blueprint is as follows:


The single focus of the Organisation and Business Transformation. It is described in terms of what the 'end state' looks like. It is often an aspirational statement of what the Organisation would like to be in the future. It addresses the 'Why is the Business in business? question


The options available to achieve the Vision. It is the ‘means’ or ‘method’ by which the Organisation will seek to achieve the Vision e.g. ‘Re-engineer business processes; replace legacy IT systems with a flexible technology solution & data platform'


The outcomes to be achieved by the Strategy. This is the ‘how’ are the outcomes the Business is seeking going to be achieved. Robust objectives closely follow the S.T.A.R goal format – Specific, Time bound, Achievable and Realistic e.g. ‘decommission [in scope] legacy systems (by end Q1 2017); share IT components across the Organisation (by end Q1 2017)’


The Strategy and Objective outcome indicators, used to measure success or progress towards the Vision. Usually represented by Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) or Metrics. Measures are quantitative, as opposed to qualitative, and are used to accurately determine when the KPI/metric has been met or is at risk of not being reached e.g. ‘legacy systems switched off on time, 100% data migrated over with no errors, 100% components shared at project close’.

Did you know Vision (VSOM) Map Blueprint role into the overall Business Transformation?

The VSOM Map has its place, and that is at the start (after getting the SoW of work agreed of course). What usually happens is there a ‘20,000 ft’ lofty vision statement pinned on the wall, but it’s meaningless. The success of when that “Be the best XYZ company” means many things to different people. The VSOM Map articulates that Vision statement in how it will be achieve and what success looks like so everyone is on the same page from Day-1. This is the reason why this blueprint is included in HOBA® at the start of the business transformation, along with all the other fully-editable templates plus more.

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