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Congratulations! Your Transformation Strategy Session Is Scheduled

Heath Gascoigne-Business Transformation Coach

Congratulations and thank you for scheduling your Transformation Strategy session.

I am very exciting about helping get unstuck with your transformation and that it gets off to the right start, from the start! 

I have sent you a confirmation of your call time via email. Please make sure that you put that in your calendar right now. 

I will call you via Zoom or Phone (depending on what you selected) at the time that you selected. Please make sure that you are ready for the when I call. If you are more than 5 minutes late, the call will be cancelled and you will not be able to reschedule another one.

I take Business Transformation pretty seriously, after all, there is often a multitude of peoples lives and livelihoods, valuable time and big budgets at stake. I ask you please make sure that you are in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car, airport or any other noisy place. If you take the call in a noisy location we will cancel the call with you and not allow you to reschedule another one. 

I look forward to helping you transform your business and achieve massive success!



Heath Gascoigne
CEO and Founder

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