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Need to transform but don’t know where to start?

The biggest challenge business leaders face when trying to transform their organisations is not knowing where to start, how to start, or what is involved. Not knowing where to start, how or what is involved leads to wasted time, money and missing opportunities, 100% of the time!

Find out in less than 5 minutes if your business transformation has what it takes to join the top 30% that make business transformation a success.

Our FREE Transformation Ready® Scorecard is proven to work and it’s 100% tailored to your business.


5-Minutes is all you get

The best time to know what to do with and on your business transformation project and program is not after its started, it’s before it started. The problem is Organisations are so keen to change they have communicated internally and externally the need to change and they are doing something about it i.e. they have started.

The reality is… they haven’t. It’s a strategy, to create the ‘sense of urgency’, to create motion, and for motion to turn into momentum. But… what that problem does, is creates another one.

In most cases, Organisations don’t know what do do, how to do or run their business transformation or what is actually involved. The first default approach is they think “we’ll work it out as we go”. The next line of thinking is “if we just throw enough money and bodies at it, surely it will work?”. Both are not good nor smart options. That just leads to project cost overruns, time delays, and missed opportunities. 

The time to know what you need to do is before the project has begun. What happens is Business leaders and Organisations often create arbitrary dates, often created or determined from ‘the guys upstairs’. There is no valid reason for these dates, they aren’t tied to any significant event or milestone, other than its mostly a notable date on the corporate calendar, end of year, end of 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter; reporting season, executive annual off site etc. All dates that can be changed, moved, or reassigned.

Most of the guys pushing for the ‘start’, is Technology. They are chomping at the bit to get started, to start building, they know there is usually a Discovery phase, then a Design stage, then Develop, and Delivery phase. They know the grunt of their work won’t start until Design, once Discovery is finished, but they are impatient, they want to get started now!

What Technology hasn’t communicated to the Business, that by pushing to start now, not knowing where, how or what is involved, and ‘working it out as you go’ is:

  1. It is not the way to run any transformation project or program, and
  2. It will almost certainly end in failure (actually… 70% of transformation projects do end in failure).

Resist the temptation, take 5-minutes and benchmark your ability to transform successfully, first time, on time and not join the 70% that fail transforming their Organisation but join the top 30% that make business transformation a success!

We’ll score your business transformation, focusing on the 6 core elements. At the end, we’ll send you a FREE, tailored report:



Your ability to focus your transformation on one thing, the Vision.


Your ability to control the work, scope and risks.


Your ability to assess and understand the pain-points and opportunities.


Your ability to understand the financial costs and benefits associated with your proposal.


Your ability to design the Target Operating Model (TOM) that takes the organisation to market leader.


Your ability to show the steps you'll take to achieve transformation (and commercial) success.

Will it help you now?

Yes, it really will and here’s why: transforming organisations isn’t that easy, just 30% of organisations successfully transform their business, 70% end in failure, wasting time, money and missed opportunities.

This is made even harder if it’s your first time doing it. With our Transformation Ready® Scorecard, we’ll ask you a range of key questions that will allow us to clearly outline what you need to do next.

We’ll lay it all out simply and easily across the six (6) core areas and steps which will instantly assist you to build a better approach, to build the Target Operating Model (TOM) to take your organisation from market participant, to market leader, first time, on time.


Access for FREE our international best seller book The Business Transformation Playbook after you complete your scorecard.

The Perfect Transformation Roadmap

The Perfect Transformation Roadmap



We’re the UK’s leading multi-award winning agency for supporting business leaders to setup and lead their business transformations, and join the top 30% that make business transformation a success.

The challenge for most business leaders is that they’re very good at what they do – but not very good at transforming it, which includes not understanding how to communicate the need nor approach they will follow to their board.

We assist you to identify and extract all the key pieces of Information from your business and create for you the perfect approach. Our clients find that they’re quickly able to get their board ‘on-board’, clear on what they need to do, why and how to do it, in a simple, easy to understand plain english terms avoiding the ‘interesting but useless’ consultancy speak, unnecessary work and frustration.


What Our Clients Say

Transformation Ready Scorecard Page Quote-Dr Karmen Guevara-MOJ

“…through the HOBA approach and framework we were able to get the programme to agree on a single vision, and get everyone to work towards not only what the changes are, but the priority changes are to be delivered into the business, to enable the business to achieve that vision. Something that the programme had struggled to do for 14mths prior.”

Dr Karmen Guevara. Head of User Research

UK Ministry of Justice

Bob Fox Programme Delivery Manager

Bob Fox

Programme & Delivery Manager, Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service (HMCTS) 

“HOBA Tech’s ability to demystify the process for getting to a real TOM, bring people at all levels on-board and his own productivity made hard work short work”


Let’s increase your ability to transform.

Transformation Ready Scorecard

If you haven’t filled out your scorecard yet, then the chances are you’re still weighing up if this is actually worth your time. With the state of change in the world right now, it has never been more vital that you have understand how to start and what’s involved to transform your Organisation.

To be clear, coming up with a high level plan, broken down into phases – discover, design, develop and delivery is not understanding what you need to do, nor how you will do it.

We have seen it all over our 15+ years helping organisations of all sizes transform. Some consultants are called in, they spend a month (sometimes six), to come up with a plan, but what they actually get is hypothetical, conceptual timeline of how the work will be or should be broken up. It all looks very interesting. But here’s the catch – is it useful?

There is a saying in consulting circles, what those lovely beautiful presentations are are besides being beautiful, admittedly, they are a thing of beauty, sadly though, what they actually are is ‘interesting but not very useful’.

What those ‘interesting but not very useful’ presentations are are so high level, conceptual and intentionally vague about what actually is required – no mention about the ‘how‘, that they leave the door open for the ‘inevitable’ time, cost and scope creep via “land-and-expand”.

That “land-and-expand” is the biggest trap in management consulting, and now Business Transformation, as the client doesn’t know ‘how to start, where to start and what explicitly is involved’, the Consultants literally ‘land’ on site, and ‘expand’ first to one or two additional team members, to quickly one or two full-teams of consultants. All justified, justified from the intentionally ‘vague’ beautiful presentation, that unbeknown to the Client was part a marketing document, and part a commercial document. When questioned ‘who are all these consultants, and what are they doing?’ the response is “that’s what we meant on that slide no. 239”.

We should know, we have seen it a million times, that’s when Clients call us to clean up with project and get it back on track.

So, if you don’t know where to start, how to start or what’s actually involved, in less than 5 minutes of your time is all we need to be able to give you the vital information you need to do all three. 

On top of getting your free tailored report, you’ll get access to the ebook format version of our international bestseller book – ‘The Business Transformation Playbook – how to implement your organisations target operating model (TOM) and achieve a zero percent fail rate using the 6-step agile framework’ tailored-to-your-business report – you’ll get access to it right after we send you your report. And it’s all completely free.

Transformation Ready Scorecard
Gina Currin Director Business Transformation

Gina Currin

Director, Business Transformation

“We were impressed on HOBA TECHs business-led approach, which really puts the business and customer experience at the start, and centre of the transformation journey”.

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