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Keep reading to find out a little more about Heath, our company and practical solutions we offer Business Owners, Leaders and Consultants!

Hey there, I'm Heath!

And I’d really love to help you succeed with your Business Transformation!

Since beginning my business transformation journey some 15+ years ago, I’ve been called into rescue some of largest business transformations in the UK, that we losing millions of dollars, wasting time and misusing resources, not to mention missed opportunities. I have also been called in to setup transformations practices for large and small organisations including consultancies. I’ve also become a Amazon bestselling author with The Business Transformation PlaybookHow To Implement Your Organisations Target Operating Model (TOM) And Achieve A Zero Percent Fail Rate Using The 6-Step Agile Framework.

But it didn’t start out that way!

When I first started, I can’t tell you the number of times I secretly wished there was an industry expert, leader or mentor that would share all their secrets of success. Sadly, that never happened. Not only was there a lot of misinformation out there ’do this, and do that’, all sounding great in theory (because that’s what it is in most cases, theory), the leading experts were either Technology Architects, ex-IT Developers or Project Managers, or Office Managers that had never actually worked a day as a Business Architect or someone that does Business Transformation for a living, or the frameworks weren’t ‘Business-led’ or ‘Business-focused’, I swore to myself that if ever did figure out the secret, I’d be that mentor to someone else!

And that is what HOBA Academy is all about.

No, its not the panacea to all Business Transformation problems and issues, but it IS probably the next best thing. Its just a helpful tactical tool, but a strategic one – like my book The Business Transformation Playbook, it will show you exactly where you’ve probably been going wrong in your business transformation, and how to fix it.

Its the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

Find our more about what we do, and how we can help you with your Business Transformation at HOBA Academy. 

Heath Gascoigne Creator of HOBA
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