B2B Sales Consultant - Remote

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Job Description

We are currently hiring a B2B Sales consultant (individual or team) to manage and increase sales, customer retention and revenue. We will be looking to you to help:

  • Grow our pipeline
  • Source verified leads
  • Book qualified appointments & close deals 
  • Increase Customer Revenue and lifetime value
  • Retain More Clients, and
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Experience Required

  • Back office work 
  • Data management and admin
  • Relevant technology to ensure  success
  • Provide complete transparency, live and detailed reports.


  • Develop sales materials, campaigns and systems (input provided by our staff)
  • Sourcing new leads and opportunities, 
  • Booking qualified meetings, 
  • Growing pipelines, and closing deals. 
  • Provide the people, processes, and technologies needed for a complete sales process (including ongoing relationship management), 
  • Lead generation services and manage campaigns to discover and qualify customers
  • Assist with establishing initial communications and building interest in the brand (demand generation), including
  • Assist with follow-up campaigns and other “lead nurturing” to ensure the best possible conversion rate. 
  • Proven experience in B2B Consulting and Training services and campaigns 
  • Previous banking, digital banking, business and/or digital transformations consultancy and training providers 
  • Have taken our Agile Transformation Accelerator Training Program (or be willing too)
  • Bilingual – Russian
If this sounds like you and you, please click the link to apply.

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