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Demystifying the business model canvas
Heath Gascoigne

Demystifying the Business Model Canvas

The BMC is a powerful tool, when in the right hands, used in the wrong way. On the converse, it is a dangerous tool, when in the wrong hands and used the wrong way.

Dangerous in the context of business and digital transformation, it can cost you time, money and missed opportunities […]

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Experts Dicussing with Client Vector Image
Heath Gascoigne

Who Owns The Purse Strings

How do you transform your business?

Business transformation involves a change in how companies deliver their products and services to their clients and markets…but there are a few misconceptions. Business transformation might include the integration of new digital technologies. However, business transformation is not “digital or technology transformation” […]

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Business Strategy & Planning
Heath Gascoigne

5 Questions To Manage Your Business Transformation

Every Organisation that’s about to embark on a business transformation wants to either…. Retire and decommission legacy systems that are painful and expensive to maintain. These systems may lack the ability to analyze customer data or adapt to meet the changing demands of their clients; Optimize data analysis for improved reporting purposes and ensure regulatory […]

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digital transformation framework
Heath Gascoigne

Customer Data Is The New Oil

Data is more valuable than oil. You need data to determine your profits, sales numbers and conversion rates. Unfortunately, like oil – raw data is not enough. Data needs to be processed, extracted, broken down and interrogated so you can gain insights to understand your customer needs, and to develop a product or service […]

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Heath Gascoigne

The 4 Pillars Of Business Transformation

Everything is possible when you use a structured approach to Business Transformation. That structured approach is Business Architecture. Business Architecture is the bridge between strategy planning and strategy execution. Its goal is to support the organisation’s vision and to support the Organisation’s Business Strategy, as illustrated by the following figure: This enables you to […]

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Business Design
Heath Gascoigne

Kanban For Your Agile Transformation

With 70% of business and digital transformation programmes failing to deliver, it’s time for a revolutionary approach. We addressed this in a previous post. Incremental improvements to broken methods only don’t fix the problem, they only delay them. Existing methods are both technology-led, and waterfall in delivery. You need revolutionary approach. Agile Transformation. In […]

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Heath Gascoigne

Business Transformation Checklist

How will you know if your business is on the right path to transformation? In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a business transformation checklist that you can use for each step of your businesses’ transformation. What’s the Business Transformation Checklist? Our business transformation checklist is composed of 6 checklists. There is one […]

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Signs your business transformation is in trouble
Heath Gascoigne

Signs Your Business Transformation Is In Trouble

What are the signs your business transformation is in trouble? You might have missed a deadline but this isn’t bad. What’s worse is noticing problems with your business transformation when it’s already too late. And in today’s post we’ll go more in-depth and discuss the warning signs you need to know. What Are The […]

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The first 5 questions Business Transformators need to ask

The First 5 Questions Business Transformators Need To Ask

If you want to transform your business or help your clients transform theirs and want to do it quicker, with less resistance, then this is for you.

The biggest problem Business Transformators have today with helping Clients with their Business Transformation isn’t what are the answers you need to have, to your Clients questions […]

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