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Heath Gascoigne

Keys To A Successful Business Transformation

Now that we’ve discussed business transformation and business transformators, what is the key to a successful business transformation? In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know: What are the Keys To Successful Business Transformation? 1. Teamwork The first key is teamwork. You need a team of different specialties to […]

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Heath Gascoigne

The Four Levels Of A Business Transformator

In our previous post we’ve discussed that a Business Transformator is an individual who helps organisations implement their Target Operating Model (TOM) and transform their business. Like any profession, there are levels of competency. The same applies to to Business Transformation and the Business Transformator. Here’s the following: Level 1: Novice Level 2: Apprentice […]

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Business Transformator Genie
Heath Gascoigne

What Is The Role of The Business Transformator?

In a previous, we discussed WHO IS a Business Transformator. And in today’s post we’ll go more in-depth and discuss WHAT is their role. What is a Business Transformator? The Business Transformator isn’t Superman, but he’s pretty close! If you need a refresher, remember that a Business Transformator identifies the business needs of his […]

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Transformation Superman
Heath Gascoigne

What is a Business Transformator

t’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a Business Transformator. Part-strategist, part-designer, part-collaborator and part-negotiator. If you’ve worked on strategy development or strategy implementation and ensured that they’re aligned with the businesses’ design and technology – then you’re probably a business transformator. Business transformators are people who transform the business. Today’s business owners […]

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Heath Gascoigne

Business Transformation Is Everyone’s Business

An organisation’s transformation is either technology-driven or business-driven. In other words, either the business or technology is leading the transformation. This is true no matter what type of business or industry you’re in. Each of these transformations has its pros and cons. Let me explain. Defining Key Terms Before we get started, let’s […]

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6 steps to business transformation
Heath Gascoigne

6 Steps To Business Transformation

Before we discuss the 6 steps, let’s first discuss business transformation. We’ve had a lengthy discussion on business transformation ​in a previous post. But in reality hearing the acronym “TOM” (Target Operating Model) instills fear in many businesses. They’ve learned through the grapevine and other means that developing, designing and implementing a TOM was difficult […]

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digital transformation consulting services
Heath Gascoigne

Will The Real Business Architect Please Stand Up

What’s the job of a real business architect? In this post, we’ll find out…. What’s The Role Of A Business Architect? A Business Architect… ….develops the design of the Target Operating Model (TOM), as well as oversee the implementation of the physical TOM that is aligned to the design. The ideal TOM is aligned […]

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Aligns the Business
Heath Gascoigne

What Is Enterprise Architecture Really?

Let’s start this post by defining enterprise architecture… What Is Enterprise Architecture? Enterprise Architecture looks at both Business and Technology Architecture. TechTarget calls it “a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization”.Its aims to make sure your IT investment will help you achieve your current and future objectives at the […]

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Heath Gascoigne

The Business Architecture Challenge

Let’s start this post by defining business architecture. What Is Business Architecture? Business architecture refers to an organization’s framework. The Business Architecture Working Group of the Object Management Group (OMG), calls it “a blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical […]

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We're Hiring Blog Post

We’re Hiring

We have been getting requests in our inbox about when we’d be hiring for new roles. And I’m here to tell you that…

We’re Hiring! We are looking to fill a total of seven (7) roles with EXTRA-ordinary, out of this world, mind blowing talent!

The roles we are hiring for are […]

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Agile Transformation

6 Best Trello Alternatives for Agile Project Management (2020)

With digital business transformations on the rise, online project management tools have become an absolute necessity.The right project management system allows you to effectively streamline your tasks and fulfil your goals within the given timeframe.
Trello, a product by Atlassian, is a well-known Kanban and project management tool designed to achieve project objectives.[…]

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Value vs Benefit. Which is Better

Value vs Benefit. Which is Better?

If you’re confused about whether your business transformation should be focusing on the benefits your business plans to realise from the changes it implements, or the value customers might find in the features you can now offer, then this post is for you.Before we dive into whether Value is better or benefit is better in terms of business transformations, it would help to briefly define both of them. […]

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