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5 Reasons Why Agile Mindset is Key to Get Through COVID-19
Heath Gascoigne

5 Reasons Why Agile Mindset is Key to Get Through COVID-19

Finding it hard to survive the COVID-19 storm? The current crisis is forcing businesses all around the world to take swift action in order to respond to the pandemic and its consequences on their businesses. Countless businesses are now working on revamping their current business strategy. So, what do you think is the common ability […]

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Heath Gascoigne

4 Keys Steps to Anti-Crisis Transformation

In these uncertain times, you need to create certainty and control the controllable.

Are you are Business Owner, Business Leader or Business Consultant who is wondering how to handle this current crisis.

If you decide to sit on your hands, and wait for things to change, Businesses are going to be too late, and […]

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HOBA Transformology Blog Post - Working From Home
Heath Gascoigne

Is Working From Home the New ‘IT’ Thing?

In the world of Business Transformation, Organisations need to adapt to not only be competitive, but to survive. In today’s reality, in light of the latest ‘COVID-19’ pandemic that has resulted in a worldwide isolation, and for those that can, ‘Work From Home (WFH)’ model is more prevalent than ever.

In this post […]

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3 Types of Digital Organisations – Which One Are You?
Heath Gascoigne

3 Types of Digital Organisations – Which One Are You?

In order to compete in this digital world, your organisation needs to be digitally fit. When your organisation is digitally fit, it will be easier for you to adapt and survive the competitive environment.

In this post, we will discuss the following three (3) types of digital organisations, the pros and cons of each […]

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6 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Business Transformation
Heath Gascoigne

6 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Business Transformation

In this post we’re going to talk about the 6-steps to implementing your business transformation, the objective of each step and why that step is required, common problems with each step, and tips to overcome them.
But before we discuss the 6 steps, let’s first discuss business transformation. […]

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Heath Gascoigne

6 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is Essential 2020

The fourth industrial revolution, or Big Shift is here. Organisations face a radically shifting workforce, workplace and the ways it serves it’s customers.

In this post we discuss the drivers of those changes, how is the workforce, workplace and customer needs changing, and what you need to not just survive, but strive in 2020 […]

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8 things your business transformator needs to know
Heath Gascoigne

5 Things Your Business Transformator Needs To Know

Each year across the world, organisations face gigantic transformation project and programme failures, wasting untold time, effort and often millions of dollars in failed project costs.

A lot of research focuses on the cause, in this post we will focus on the often-undefined role of the Business Transformator, and more importantly the five (5) […]

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3 Truths about your Service Design
Heath Gascoigne

Truth hurts. 3 Truths About Your Service Design

Do you know what a great business looks like in the desert? Not a business. That’s a good idea gone wrong.

In this post we will cover another good idea that can go wrong real fast – a Service Model.

For those contemplating, in the middle of it, or have just gone through this process, this is for you […]

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Unlocking Business Efficiency with ChatGPT Transforming Operations with AI

Unlocking Business Efficiency with ChatGPT: Transforming Operations with AI

Enterprise architecture frameworks play a crucial role in guiding organisations through the complex process of aligning business strategies with IT infrastructure. Among the myriad of frameworks available, two prominent methodologies stand out: HOBA® (House of Business Architecture) and TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework). In this article, we'll delve into the differences between HOBA and...

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Good Service Design Starts with a Good Customer Experience ❤️

Service Architecture vs Business Architecture

If you’re a Consultant or a Consultancy and looking to transform your organisation and bring in external expertise to help, this post is for you.

In this post, we will discuss Service Architecture, what is it, and how does it help your organization with its business transformation. [..]

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8 Myths of Business Transformation Debunked

If you’re a Consultant or a Consultancy and looking to transform your organisation and bring in external expertise to help, this post is for you.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the 5 ways to fail at the business transformation [..]

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Design alone will not help your Business Transformation

If you want to transform your business or help your clients transform theirs and want to do it quicker, with less resistance, then this is for you. In this article today, we will explain how design-alone will not help you with business transformation. Design-alone in business transformation is as much value as driving a new [..]

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