HOBA Tech CEO Key Note Delivers Inspiring Presentation at Future of Business Conference South Africa

HOBA Tech CEO Key Note Delivers Inspiring Presentation at Future of Business Conference South Africa, Oct. 2023

Heath Gascoigne, the renowned CEO of HOBA Tech, gave an inspiring keynote presentation at the Future of Business Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Titled ‘With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility,’ he delved deep into the secrets of business transformation failure that no one wants to talk about.

One of the standout topics he spoke on was the ‘Information-lazy age,’ where people have access to abundant information but have become too reliant on shortcuts and hacks.

He emphasized the importance of consultants in solving business problems, as clients trust them to make the necessary changes that will lead to successful transformations.

As a visionary leader, Gascoigne’s insights left a lasting impact on his audience, reminding them that with great power comes an even greater responsibility.

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HOBA Tech are Business-led Digital Transformation experts. Learn how to transform your organisation the first time, on time. Based on our HOBA® Agile Business Transformation framework and bestselling book – The Business Transformation Playbook. We help business leaders setup, start and lead their digital business transformation successful with less effort, less time, less stress and higher ROI while addressing the cause that makes 70% of them fail.

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