The MBA Entrepreneur: From school to startup: how to find your path and build your brilliant business idea

The MBA Entrepreneur
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Are you in an MBA program? Are you thinking of applying to one? Are you an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this book. Most MBAs take traditional career paths in finance, consulting or corporate leadership. 

HOBA TECH Founder Heath Gascoigne featured in – The MBA Entrepreneur: From school to startup: how to find your path and build your brilliant business idea. Read More


HOBA TECH LTD (HOBA TECH®) provides agile transformation solutions to organisations worldwide. Be it a facilitator-led training, bespoke learning, e-learning, transformation playbook, eBook, toolkits and business transformation solutions. HOBA TECH® strives to add value its clients and partners transformations.

To support its specialised offerings the company has its proprietary and patented framework, dedicated infrastructure, learning management system, including HOBA Projects® (our purpose built Kanban and Project Management tool for Business Transformators to manage their Business Transformations online) and HOBA Pro® (where partners can implement HOBA® and manage the whole agile business transformation online – due out Q3 2021).

Learn more about HOBA TECH® at:

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HOBA TECH LTD (HOBA TECH®) CEO and Founder Heath Gascoigne featured in Acquisition International (AI) Magazine Annual Business Excellence Awards...

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