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🚀 Transform Your Career with Our 6-Week Accelerator Program!


Consultant Coaching Announcement

One-on-One Consulting Coaching

Due to popular demand (and limited capacity), HOBA TECH is pleased to announce the launch of One-on-One Consultant Coaching with our Founder & CEO Heath Gascoigne.

This now formalises the one-on-one coaching Heath has and currently provides to clients across the world from Australia to the UK.

As Consultants, Leaders and Students, you now can select the type of coaching and frequency you want, and request your preferred time in their local timezone all from the one-booking and payment application. 

If you are a Consultant, Leader or Student who is thinking about starting their business transformation; about to start or has started and throwing more money, time and resources at it but still not going any faster or easier, then book a FREE Discovery call with Heath now and see how he can help!

For more information or to schedule your FREE Discovery call, visit here.


HOBA TECH provides services and resources that help Business Transformation Consultants and Leaders transform their Clients (or their) business with less effort, less time, less cost and higher profit!

We support Business Consultants to become Business Transformators, who are:

  • Part-Strategists – who consider the big picture as well as the now
  • Part-Designer – who architects the business model of the future
  • Part-Collaborator – who champions the business design for the Business but also with the whole Business
  • Part-Negotiator – who ensures and assures the design is fit purpose for the whole organisation from C-suite to Operations

If you are ready to move to the new model of Business-led Digital Transformation, and put the Business-first and take control of the transformation for yourself or your client, or get us to guide you through it, get in touch today!

Learn more about HOBA TECH® at https://hoba.tech

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