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HOBA Tech Launches Innovative Business Transformation Courses and Certifications

HOBA Tech Launches Groundbreaking Business Transformation Courses

HOBA Tech, is excited to announce the launch of its new series of courses and certifications designed to empower enterprises with the skills necessary to navigate Business Transformation effectively. With the introduction of HOBA® Business Transformation courses, HOBA Tech is bringing their expertise to companies and practitioners worldwide, ensuring they can execute successful business transformations across all organizational layers.

The HOBA Business Transformation courses and certifications were developed by the creators of the renowned HOBA® Agile Business Transformation Framework and authors of the international bestseller “The Business Transformation Playbook.” Leveraging their expertise, these programs target the 3 ‘L’s inherent in every organization: Layers, Language, and Levels, preparing participants to interact with the strategic, operational, and implementation layers of their businesses more effectively.

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The Philosophy Behind HOBA Tech's Educational Strategy

The announced programs cover a spectrum of needs and skills, with offerings such as ‘HOBA® for Executives’ and ‘Leading HOBA® for Business Transformation Architects,’ tailored for high-level strategy and transformation leadership. The extensive curriculum includes modules for individuals at each level within an organization, ensuring that everyone can be on the same page and is equipped with the language and tools for a cohesive transformation process.

Press Release HOBA Tech launches innovative business transformation courses and certifications

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At HOBA Tech, we stand as the definitive authority in Business Transformation – the go-to choice for leaders, managers, and consultants seeking expertise in this dynamic field. Our legacy is built upon our proprietary HOBA® Agile Business Transformation framework and the international bestseller, “The Business Transformation Playbook.”

With our guidance, business leaders effortlessly navigate their digital transformation journey, ensuring success the first time, every time. We understand the challenges, and we’ve cracked the code to achieve transformative results with minimal effort, time, and stress, all while maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI). We’re addressing the root causes that have plagued 70% of transformations with failure.

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