CEO and Founder Heath Gascoigne featured in Acquisition International (AI) Magazine Annual Business Excellence Awards Winner.

HOBA Tech CEO and Founder Heath Gascoigne featured in Acquisition International (AI) Magazine Annual Business Excellence Awards Winner 2022!

HOBA TECH LTD (HOBA TECH®) is pleased to announce our very own CEO and Founder Heath Gascoigne, is featured in Acquisition International (AI) Magazine as the winner of ‘Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year – UK’ in the annual Business Excellence awards!

Heath was interviewed as part of the award. Heres a snippet of that interview from the article:

“We want to disrupt the Business Transformation Industry – become the standard for business-led digital transformation in the world, put the control back into the Business’ hands, and reverse the 70% failure rate in transformation projects”, Gascoigne says. “We solve this anxiety people have around bringing in consultants to help them transform. Businesses are afraid of consultants. They know they need to transform, but they don’t want to start because they know it’s a road to nowhere, It’s a money sucking process. Subconsciously they are scared of Business Transformation, and they are scared of the Consultants”.

Gascoigne believes HOBA Tech has cracked that mission. “The business transformation industry, despite the name, is at technology-centric industry. There is a lot of focus, wrongly on technology. What the marketplace is failing to acknowledge, that despite the high failure rate of transformation programs, the problem is not a technology one, it’s a people one. We are creating a community of ‘Business Transformators’ – which is what we call ourselves, who have moved beyond Business Architects, who just focus on business design, but also includes part-designer, part-strategist, part-negotiator, and part-collaborator’. This is a shift we are happy to lead, putting control back into the Business’ hands, with Business Transformators leading that charge.”

Read the full feature here.


HOBA Tech are your Business-led  Digital Transformation experts. Learn how to transform your organisation the first time, on time. Based on our HOBA® Agile Business Transformation framework and bestselling book – The Business Transformation Playbook. We help business leaders setup, start and lead their transformation with less effort, less time and higher ROI while addressing the cause that makes 70% of them fail.

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