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Download the User Journey Map Blueprint or also called the Customer Journey Blueprint which is used to get a clear and agreed description of the Users journey, and interaction with the Organisation to identify what’s working (keep doing), pain points (what’s not working, stop doing it) and improvement opportunities (start doing it) that the Business Transformation will aim to address. 


User Journey Blueprint Template

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The value of User Journey’s is they provide the ‘feel’ perspective, which help to understand and put into context both what the customer ‘feels’ (i.e. issues, concerns) as well as ‘where’ in their interaction with the Organisation they experience it. By knowing ‘what’ this experience feels like and ‘where’ in the User’s Journey with the Organisation they experience it, the Organisation in turn is able to address the User’s frustrations when developing the Target Operating Model (TOM), and put the User (and their frustrations) first in the planning and design work, to improve their experience and satisfaction by addressing their frustrations directly.


The User Journey Map Blueprint provides the Customer / Organisation interaction, as the sequence of steps that are undertaken by the Customer in the end-to-end process and interaction with the Organisation. 

The purpose of User Journeys is to show and understand the key business functions that are involved during the User’s interaction with the Organisation, in terms of the following:


What happens to the Customer during their interaction with the Organisation


What is the Customer intending to gain at each stage of the process


How the Customer feels (concerns, issues) about what happens to them during the interaction

Improvement Opportunities^

Changes to the Organisation that could improve the Customer experience. 


  • (*) ‘User Experience’ (concerns, thoughts) captured here should reconcile and validate the Stakeholder Issues and Concerns already captured previously from the Stakeholder Mapping Blueprint. Use the Stakeholder Mapping ‘Issues and Concerns’ to both cross-check that all the known concerns are captured (i.e. no gaps) and still valid. 
  • (^) ‘Improvement Opportunities’ captured here are the first attempt or initial thinking on possible solutions that will directly address the Stakeholder concerns. These will be later built on, and validated in the Benefits Model, and Benefits Dependencies Mapping which defines the ‘Enabler’ and ‘Business Changes’ that directly impact and drive the intended Business Benefits the Organisation intends to realise.

Did you know User Journey Map role in the overall Business Transformation?

The User Journey Map is used early in the overall business transformation as part of defining the Current Operating Model, to identify both the User Experience as well as the processes that support those journeys. It is in those processes, that improvements will be made to  address the pain points using the improvement opportunities that form the Target Operating Model. The User Journey Map is one of the building blocks and a blueprint in HOBA® and is covered in our training along with all the other fully-editable templates plus more.

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