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The Business Transformation Canvas V1.0

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Two of the biggest problems Organisations have with their Business Transformation is first – they think they need their own process or approach. They don’t!

Yes, you need a framework that is proven, trusted (we have one that is trusted by the UK Government, FTSE-100 and fast growing companies. Have a look here).

Secondly, they don’t know Where to start, How to start, and What is actually involved. What their problem is they have a million questions, but dont know which ones to ask.

That’s where the Business Transformation Canvas® comes in. In order to be able to transform you Organisation and join the 30% club that make it successful first time, on time, and not join the 70% that fail, is you need to make sure that you ask the right questions, in the right order to make sure the Business Transformation delivers the right answers. 

There are six (6) strategic questions that the Business Transformator®, and Business Transformation must answer. 


The Business Transformation Canvas® addresses the six (6) strategic questions asked of the Business Transformator® and the Business Transformation: 

  • WHY are they doing it? (the ‘Big’ Why – the Strategic Vision);
  • WHO is involved (and what is their role in the decision-making processes);
  • WHAT is the problem (and opportunities) the transformation is to address in the current operating model today?;
  • WHY are they doing it? (the ‘Little’ Why – the Operational Business Benefits);
  • WHERE and HOW does the business need to change?; and
  • WHEN will the changes be implemented (and Business Benefits be realised)?

Use the Business Transformation Canvas® to get your team on board with the approach you are following, and to start thinking about the questions the transformation needs to answer, and the order it needs to answer them.

WHY* are we dong this?

This is the Vision. The No.1 requirement on your transformation

WHO is involved?

These are your key stakeholders. Who are they and why are they key?

WHAT is the problem?

What are the problems (and opportunities) the transformation is to address?

HOW to change?

How does the Organisation need to change to address those problems (and achieve the Vision)?

WHERE to change?

Where does the Organisation need to change to achieve the Vision and realise the Business Benefits?

WHEN changes delivered?

When are the changes going to be implemented (and Benefits realised)?

Note (*):

  • There are actually two (2) WHY’s. There is the BIG-WHY, we call the Strategic-Why? (ie the Vision), and there is the second WHY, we call the LITTLE-WHY or the Operational-Why? (these are the Benefits, specifically the Operation Business Benefits that the Operations level within the Organisation (as opposed to the Strategic level) wants to realise from the transformation. 

Did you know The Business Transformation Canvas® role in the overall Business Transformation?

The Business Transformation Canvas® role in the Organisations Business Transformation is that it is used early in the overall business transformation to help bring everyone on to the same page with WHERE to start, HOW to start, and WHAT is involved. It gets everyone on the same page, ready for the work to begin. To learn more about what is involved, including how to do it yourself, visit the link below.

HOBA Agile Accelerator


Need to get your team on the same page about WHERE to start, HOW to start and WHAT is actually involved with your Business Transformation? Download The Business Transformation Canvas®.

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