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Consultant Business Architect - South America

Job Description

We have a need for a Business Architect consultant for assignments in the  Private sector in South America (countries disclosed at interview stage).

  1. Produce comprehensive and forward-looking Target Operating Model (TOM)/service designs
  2. Ensure that requirements for live service are incorporated early in programmes and projects
  3. Manage the structured and safe transition to live service
  4. Incorporate business, project, industry, governance, standards, and develop new standards for the Client
  5. Negotiate, design and deliver new operational TOMs as part of the Business Architecture & Design (BAD) function

Experience Required

  1. A broad, enterprise-wide view of the business and varying degrees of appreciation for strategy, processes and capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance
  2. The ability to recognize structural issues within the organization, functional interdependencies and cross-silo redundancies. Those issues may exist in role alignment, process gaps and overlaps, and business capability maturity gaps
  3. The ability to apply architectural principles, methods, and tools to business challenges
  4. The ability to assimilate and correlate disconnected documentation and drawings, and articulate their collective relevance to the organization and to high-priority business issues
  5. The ability to visualize and create high-level models (rigorous information-rich diagrams) that can be used in future analysis to extend and mature the business architecture
  6. Experience developing and using these high-level models as required to collect, aggregate or disaggregate complex and conflicting information about the business
  7. Extensive experience planning and deploying either business or IT initiatives (preference for both)
  8. Experience modeling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques (preference for UML, and awareness of BPMN)
  9. Exceptional communication skills and the demonstrable ability to communicate appropriately at all levels of the organization; this includes written and verbal communications as well as visualizations
  10. The ability to act as liaison conveying information in suitably accurate models between the business unit and their counterparts within Information Technology. The scope of this information includes business requirements, data constraints, business rules, models of strategy and motivation, processes, accountabilities, and many other business and IT operational needs
  11. Must be a Team player able to work effectively at all levels of an organization with the ability to influence others to move toward consensus. Must be highly reliable, trustworthy, honest, and commitment oriented
  12. Strong situational analysis and decision making abilities


  1. Minimum 5-years business architecture experience
  2. Experience of working in fast-paced environments on a start-up function
  3. Previous life sciences, banking, digital banking, business and/or digital transformations projects and program
  4. Have taken our Agile Transformation Accelerator Training Program (or be willing too)
  5. Spanish speaking (bi-lingual)
  6. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) experience

Note – these roles are in-country/on-site. We are unable to offer sponsorship on this occasion, therefore it is best suited for individuals who are in and have a South American passport; a nationality of a friendly nation or in close proximately for fly-in/fly-out (e.g. USA).

If this sounds like you and you would be interested in being considered for this role, please click the link to apply.

We will be shortlisting shortly and calling for interviews.

If you haven’t heard from us in 2-weeks, consider yourself unsuccessful on this occasion, however we will retain your details for future opportunities.

Due to the shear volume of applications, we unfortunately will not able to provide feedback on individual applications.

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